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Dear Guys, These 8 Things Girls Can Do But You Can't.

Date: 2019-08-12 15:43:12

By Manveen

The internet is pretty much debating on how men are from mars and women are from venus, while we don't know the facts behind it, or who is strolling on the roads of Jupiter right now we are contributing our due share in creating a list of what women can do but men cannot or maybe they can but well, they just don't, now or do they?

things girls can do but guys can't

Here 8 things that girls can do, but guys can't:

1.) Look sexy, effortlessly.

How many guys can look sexy just tying their ponytail or playing with their hair or just sitting mindlessly and sipping a refreshing cocktail? Okay, leave Vicky Kaushal aside, but how many others are there?


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2.) Wear pretty clothes.

The best thing about being a girl is the fashion and style they get to live in. Guys can talk about whatever they want to but the truth is their life is basic because of their clothes while girls get to live in a wonderland.


3.) Shopping at mens section.

Women can shop at men's section and wear clothes from the men's section too but men cannot. However, this is part of our sad reality. It might be an advantage for women, but we wish men had more open thoughts on this one too.


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4.) Compliment each other.

How often do you see guys telling each other that the shirt they are wearing is cute or their hair looks nice a certain way or suggest them a better lipstick shade? Not at all. Women not only feel comfortable appreciating each other, but can do the same in a very compassionate way, unlike men.


5.) We love hugs.

Once two women have become comfortable with each other and have grown fond of each other they don't mind holding each other's hand or hugging each other, whereas guys would only hug each other and that too reserved for special days.


6.) Ask for help.

Most guys find it beneath themselves to ask each other for help or a woman for something as simple as road directions, whereas women understood that the work needs to be done does not matter how.



7.) Don't blame me, blame the hormones.

Women have a standard excuse ready for their every incorrect behavior where they simply blame it on their hormones or simply state they were being mean because they were PMSing but men have no access to this privilege.


8.) Embrace themselves.

Call it whatever you may but the internet is run by women and women leave no chance to encourage body positivity and encourage other women also to embrace themselves despite their flaws and to learn to look beyond them.


You can close your mouth, guys!


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