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8 Things A Girl Should Demand In A Relationship

Date: 2019-07-08 12:41:09

By Priyanshi

Relationships can get harder than cooking, trust me. Everybody makes their own do's and don'ts but can we all take a moment to list down certain basic things a girl should be allowed to demand in a relationship? Not to be biased or a feminist of some sort, but both are strong genders so boys, this article is more important for you to read because I'm sure you want to treat your girl right so why not do it the best, subtle way!

1. Having her space.

Most girls care a lot about their own space and if you're the one to hinder their me-time chances are they'll take you off-guard. Understand them and more importantly trust them to do whatever they want in their time. It's not science after all.


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2. Asking to shower your love with her favorite things.

A woman always appreciates good deeds. From time to time show her you love her just as much because a teeny tiny gift can lift up her mood to the next level. Bring her favorite cupcakes back home or set up a Netflix night with a tiny gift, surprise her on normal days to see her a little extra happy. She has enough of your love, but some gifts won't do any harm, right?


3. Allow her to take her own decisions.

Quite often men in relationships have a habit to overpower their decisions over women. Don't be that guy! Make her a strong, independent woman from your side.


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4. Let her take the lead.

You love it when she follows or gives in and that's fine, but let her take lead when she wants to. Encourage her to do so. Bring the change and make her enough for herself, not dependent on you.


5. A girl should demand quality time with her girlfriends.

That's mandatory now. A girl has all the rights in the world to meet and peace out with her all-time girl gang and no man can say otherwise! Unless he's set up a fancy date for you, you can alter your plans may be.



6. Cutting her some slack in her darkest times.

A girl has all the rights to ask the guy to cut her some slack or be what she wants to be at that particular moment in her delusions times. You should let


her be and support her decisions, boys.

7. Her happiness.

If her happiness lies in little things or grandeur, she can demand that because

nobody can be thrived off their happiness right?


8. Her freedom.

A girl loves her freedom and she can ask for it whenever she feels like.


In a relationship, a girl shouldn't demand anything. Everything is her choice - decisions, happiness, freedom. That's called living a happy, healthy and supportive relationship so grows more together! Don't demand, but accept and understand.


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