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8 Struggles People Will Face After Lockdown Is Lifted.

Date: 2020-06-11 19:31:41

By Manveen

It is almost impossible to think that the world will ever resume what has happened because of Coronavirus/COVID-19. Who knows if we will ever be able to return back to the way the world was before 2020?

Missing 2019 badly?

We will live with that probability. The lockdown seemed like a foreign concept in India, but it did happen. We all were at a loss to imagine how we would be able to live inside our own houses for so long with no communication with other people? But we did and now we are so used to it, we do not know if we can go back to the normal routine of work, office, school, colleges and a life of struggle. Staying home became such a comfortable option and now we are addicted to it and anxious at the same time because the struggle after lockdown is going to get real.

Struggles after lockdown
Source: Moneycontrol

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Here are 8 Struggles People Will Face Now That The Lockdown Is Lifted (Unlock1.0):

1.) Sleep schedule during the lockdown.

At the beginning of the lockdown, everybody complained of their sleep schedule, but now that is the new normal. We sleep at 5 AM and wake up at 1 PM and any and everything, as we want, but how do you go back to the routine of early to bed, early to rise with everything opening up now?

2.) Food habits.

Baking cake at 3 AM, having pasta for breakfast and chips for lunch and forgetting our guilt with ice cream for dinner, how do you go back to a civilized life with a concept of balanced meals after lockdown?

3.) Hobbies they have picked up.

For those who hate cooking are master chefs now and for those who have picked up a skill, fell in love with it but have to return back to office hours now? Sigh! I hope the hobbies stick with us like the way 2020 glued to us before we could escape.

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4.) Clothing.

Had anybody even wear anything apart from pajamas and T-shirts during the lockdown? Are you sure your jeans will fit you once you go out? Mine did not! Well, we will have to find that out in some time now. I can see more expenses coming your way.

5.) Traveling after lockdown is scary.

Yeah, so those of you all with wanderlust, are you deficient yet? Some people have been waiting to go back to their trips (especially all the Vloggers out there, my heart goes to you) but others are scared. Remember friend, fear is useful. Be scared, stay home, and save yourself.

6.) Being presentable.

The 'what should I wear to how should I dress myself today' questions were far off from us during the lockdown.
The best part about not stepping out at all from home is that you do not have to stress yourself about looking presentable, because who are you meeting apart from your family and walls? But that is going to change anytime now.


7.) The fear of Coronavirus in public.

Even if somebody coughs from 100 meters away, you fear for your life. Masks and gloves are everywhere and we mistrust everyone. The world was a scary place, but the fear has amplified tenfold now.

8.) The fear of touch.

Strangers touching you are not a pleasant thing, but now it is deadly. Handshake & Hugs are going to stay away from our culture for long until the Coronavirus vaccine comes. Everybody will go Desi this time and promote Namaskar while meeting.

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