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8 Signs You Are The 'Matchmaker' Aka 'Pyaar Milaane Wala' In Your Friend Circle

Date: 2018-11-12 13:10:03

By Mansha

In every group, there is at least one person who always tries to make two people fall in love with each other; in a true manner he or she is a matchmaker. They will do everything possible to bring those two people closer than ever, they will act like a mediator who works without any fees. Interesting isn't it? They are also popular in school or college because every suitable "Majnu" or "Laila" comes to them when they have to win someone's heart. Signs that you are the one who can be a great matchmaker in your friend circle...

Make lunch or dinner plans:

You try to make lunch or dinner plans when they both can be there, you try not to invite so many people so that they can talk to each other easily without any distraction and when time is right you also plan to leave them alone on the table just for few minutes so that they can interact with each other in the best way possible.


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You make sure that they work together:

While making groups for presentation in school or college you always make sure that they both land together in one group and if someone else tries to make them apart you snapped at them by saying "try to understand".


Initiate things from their sides:

If they are becoming a way to shy, you tell them to share your contact numbers with each other and you make sure that they do only if you feel that they are perfect for each other. Automatically you get those vibes if their relationship would go well or not.


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You plan their dates:

You plan romantic and fantastic dates for them as a surprise for them at their favorite places to make their day super romantic and so filmy.


You love to take credit if it works:

If your efforts works you love to take credit for that and you will be as happy as they are. You celebrate with them for their togetherness and celebrate their big days in the future with them.


One couple made, second is on its way:

You simply can't sit without this matchmaker work when one couple gets successful in their love life; you start preparing for the other because you love it when two people come together as lovebirds.



You analyze every possible candidate closely:

You are a professional in analyzing who can be best for each other and when you find two candidates to make them a future couple then the whole process starts again.


One-sided lovers love you:

They straightaway contact you for making their one-way love to two ways. They take ideas from you that how to impress the other person and you as well take a total interest in their case and you don't leave that case until you bring that other person close to him or her.


You simply love to bring two people closer because that gives you a good "kick". You love it when two hearts become one and celebrate with them in their happiness. Matchmaker job is not easy because sometimes it can be a nightmare too for you and for them but when it happens in a right way, you feel satisfied and relaxed that because of you, two people have found love in each other. This job is a social cause (wink-wink)...


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