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8 Reasons Why Facebook Is Like Your Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

Date: 2021-01-08 15:19:13

By Manveen

Facebook? Who that? Well, the father of all your social media platforms. We did have Orkut and such, but it was Facebook who started the trend of social media. From a teen to a grandmother, currently, everybody with an internet connection knows what Facebook looks like. But we have moved to Instagram and Snapchat and other such things and bid this old hero a farewell but have we just completely given up? Maybe the app is still there, lurking somewhere on your phone, just like the memories of your time with your Ex.

Here are 8 reasons why Facebook is like your ex-girlfriend/ boyfriend who knows everything:

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1.) They might have seen what you looked like before puberty hit you.

Truth being told, Social media has forced people to stay more groomed and appear prettier. Some of us were ten and twelve when we started Facebook. Remember those days when we would take photos from this small digital camera and upload it on Facebook? Lol, yes. What did we look like then?
We look better as we grow, but try convincing your Ex and Facebook about it. All the best!

2.) They remember you shared jokes/ poetry as Facebook statuses.

Embarrassing content 101? Yes. Hell yes! All of us have done this at some point. Guess who else knows about all the embarrassing stuff we have done? Our Exes. Do not try to take panga from either one of them. They hold your embarrassment against you.

3.) They can taunt you for checking in to McDonald's with 5 others and having fun. How dare you to forget to share it with Facebook?

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Well, back then it was cool and once upon a time, even Govinda was cool. Funny how cool switches to fool so quick.

4.) You do not miss them, but just once in a while check upon them.

Just as how you are currently busy with your current spouse (such as Instagram) and spend most of the time there, but once in a while sneak up on what is your Ex (Facebook) doing. Stalker!

5.) Hell of Memories.

Full of memories that can go to hell. But, is Facebook going to leave you? No, get ready for emotional notifications on your mobile from your beloved, Facebook.


6.) Addiction.

Just like your ex know your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, Facebook knows it too, because it's keeping a track of everything you do.

7.) You share photo albums with them.

Yes, those captured on digital camera with 200+ images with the title as "Masti with friends". Photos that meant so much, time that meant so much, but does it now? Neither one of them do.

8.) The era bygone.

Just like how you will never forget your first love, you will never forget the endless hours you spent scrolling through Facebook. Even Facebook remembers when you last logge in and if in case you are not keeping a check on Facebook, they will bombard you with your closed ones notification so that you force yourself to come online again on Facebook.


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