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8 Reasons Indian Relatives Are Born For

Date: 2019-05-21 12:20:59

By Manveen

If you happen to be an Indian you would know how large and diverse our family trees are, every member has an opinion that they feel very strongly about so much so that they feel the need to impose them as societal codes. These members also are known as our beloved relatives are born only to fulfill their destiny and throughout the course of their life, they never stray away from their paths.

Here are eight reasons Indian relatives are born to fulfill:

1. Clothes censoring.

Everytime you go out for shopping with your friends, you buy a lot of clothes, but only take a few of them home. Yes, that cute mini skirt that you bought with such love lives with your friend and your dress in it far away from home. And you know why relatives? Because no one wants to hear "Haye, yeh ladki itni chote kapde pehenti hai!"


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2.) Social media censoring.

Your Instagram account and Facebook DP are so decent that even you get shocked sometimes or chances are that you would have had to block your relatives from social media because they stalking you on social media is #Necessary.

"Kisi ki to buraaiya karni hai na!"


3.) Your marriage, including everybody in your family.

They were born for this day! One way or the other, marriage feels inevitable. You can wait till 25, 30, or 35 years, but, your relatives can't! Everybody has made marriage as an inescapable issue for you, it looks as if they are going to get married.


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4.) To convince everybody that sex is a sin.

It is quite ironical for land who invented Kamasutra to diss sex the way it does. People fuck, sex happens and why is that such a big deal is an epic failure on people’s understanding.


5.) Neither do they live with peace nor will they let others live with it.

Indian relatives lose their heads the moment they hear the word "live in" or "dating" but what is wrong and offensive about somebody simply being in love and wanting to live a warm and loving life?


6.) To humiliate you on the basis of things such as your skin colour.

Ironic as it is Indians’ natural and more predominant skin complexion is brown and the extent to which they despise it and attempt to achieve a fairer one is beyond comprehension. They fail to understand why skin colour is just a colour and makes zero impact on how a person will go on about his life.



7.) Broadcasting.

Gossiping is one thing and being judgemental is another and you know your family members are both. No, you just cannot keep asking them to keep their mouth shut every time somebody walks past you or so much as breaths, they need to give some expert commentary every time.


8.) "Men are men" but women have to behave decently.

If any guy cat calls you then you probably do not dress decently. If a guy dates you, it is okay, but if you date a guy back you are the slut who is bringing down the family honour.


Now that you know what type of magic relatives does to your life, "Bachke Rehna!"


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