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Long Distance Relationship: 8 Ways To Express Your Love In Lockdown.

Date: 2020-04-27 16:27:50

By Diksha

This write-up is going to be a treat for long distance relationship couples.

Now, we have 24 hours to ourselves, Okay, minus the sleeping hours, but when we are alone, we generally put less effort into doing anything. Office work, although just dragged us through the day and at last we turned out to be the most unproductive person together.

But, now, the time has given us opportunities, even though in the crises, it's making us realize that nothing else is more important than our loved ones, family, friends and our partners. So, it's our time to keep the work little aside and focus on ourselves and our loved ones.

For that, here is how to make a long-distance relationship work:

1. Alone we can do little, together we can do so much.

Do stuff together guys, together here I meant by the same time. You have now all the time in the world. So, wake up together, exercise together, motivate each other to work on their hobbies or passion. Just be together.

So, When life keeps you apart, you show it by being together in different ways.

2. Communication is the key to Ultimate-Love.

We all have heard so many quotes, poems, videos, movies which either give butterflies in our stomach or raise a question, are we also like this? If you have any of them, then trust me guys this is the best time to have proper conversations.
It's okay to talk about each other's insecurities, It's okay to tell your dark secrets, or your fantasies even. I say just talk about anything and be open in the eyes of your beholder.

That would be the beauty of your relationship


3. Watching movies Recipe.

Have you ever wondered while watching a movie if you want to explain your feelings about your favorite scene? Then your wish is granted by time.

a. So, decide to watch a movie together.
b. One day you can watch his favorite and next day watch yours.
c. Now decide the time and Yippee, play the movie together.

4. Playing games together.

Similarly, like movies, you can now play so many two-player games together, and make your relationship interesting and fun.

Like Ludo, Chain reaction, etc.
a. Decide a time
b. Be ready to beat him/her
c. Then he/she must have to pay the price of your choice, be wicked.


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5. Write E-love letters to your long distanced partner.

Oh, the old times love, when a pigeon used to courier the letter of love. What would it have felt like?
Don't know, so let's try this out, write love letters online, there are many websites or apps which provide these services. No, our time pigeons won't work like this neither we are Harry potter.
a. So, every week express your love or things which you fear to speak, but never able to write through Whatsapp or any other means.
b. Write letters and send them and wait for their replies.
c. I am damn sure this will not only give butterflies in the stomach, but also make your bonding strong.

6. Cook together.

You know science says, those couples who cook together, stay together forever. Yes, it's true, because throughout this activity you keep sharing laughs and helping each other, understanding each other's way of working and finally satisfying your tummy.

This does not only sound good, but the real effort is also worthwhile.


7. Virtual Date Recipe.

We all love dates, and indeed we are missing them right now. So, When life gives you lemons, take out the salt and the shot-glasses and fill them up with tequila.

Yes, plan your virtual date recipe.
a. Turn your room into your favorite places like restaurants, any specific parks, or museums.
b. You can convert your floor also, into your table or date area/place.
c. Cook each other's favourite dish, desserts, and starters, and keep them all near to you.
d. Play a light romantic instrumental background music.
e. Be in your pajamas date night
f. Now, sit in front of your laptop, dim your room lights, ignite a candle, serve drinks, place your food, and just communicate and eat all you want.

*Caution: Just do it at your own risk. :P

8. Make Me with WE.

When you are sitting idle and missing your love, just send a smile on their face by making a small collage of your old memories cherish your special days by making movies of your memories.

If earlier you used to plan your day alone, now plan it together for present even for the future (post lockdown short term and long term plans) and help each other to fulfill it.
Just Cuddle more-Connect more-Communicate more.

These tips do not only apply only to the long-distance relationship couples, even those who are staying together can also use some ideas from above with their own twists and build the relationship stronger.


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