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8 Great Ideas To Tell Your Parents About Your Boyfriend.

Date: 2021-02-15 18:28:14

By Ratika

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As exciting as it can be to find the love of your life and finally settling down with him but in desi scenario, things always do not run so smoothly, i.e. to convince your parents or let alone make them know about the guy, that you as an adult want to be with somebody and marry him.

Here are 8 ideas on how you can tell your parents about your boyfriend and that you want to marry him:

1. Courage is destiny.

First off, you have to mentally prepare yourself to go ahead with it so if you are already shitting yourself just with the thought of it then chances are you are going to shit everything with them too so arrange some courage and brace yourself.

2. Time, venue, and ambiance.

Pick a place and a time when you know they will be happy and not get pissed. Hatch a proper plan to work out, consider all the pros and cons, and then go ahead with your mission.

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3. Sibling to the rescue.

If you have a sibling that can help you out, a cousin they adore or an uncle who is your favourite, use them as your weapon and ask them to go on with this mission for you.

4. Tell your parents something much worse first.

If something bad happened to you or anybody in your family or anything that can affect them and make them think that oh at least you got saved from that situation, you will have their sympathy before dropping the bomb.

5. Friendly introduction with parents.

It would have been a good thing if you had introduced the guy as a friend first so they would have known him and if you have not, then do it now. And later tell your parents how he helped you in your exams or getting a job for the XYZ company, how he takes car of you when you are pissed off.


6. Pick the easy one.

Mostly one out of the pair is always easy to manipulate so pick that one and start sugar coating everything with that parent and tell that one about it. Then it is on that parent to take the news ahead, not you anymore.

7. Dab a hint.

Don't just drop a bomb on them out of the blue. Just keep on giving them subtle hints every now and then, prepare your base and then give them the shock that you have been dying to give them.

8. Take the bullet.

See you have to go through it anyway and stalling the news is not going to make it any easier only make you more anxious so just go ahead and let the chips fall where they may.


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