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8 Fears Girls Have While Shopping.

Date: 2020-11-27 21:45:41

By Ratika

girls fear

Some of us are waiting for the lockdown to get lifted so that we can rush straight to the malls. But ask yourself again, mall, seriously? Maybe some of us believe in retail therapy more than we do with anything else. This is a bigger issue than we give it consideration. Several people retort to shopping to distract themselves and to feel better about themselves and no, this is not to shame anybody but to acknowledge a way of life. Yes, this happens and there are people dependent on it. In fact, a big number of people are dependent on it.

Anyway, here are 8 Fears Girls Have While Shopping:

1. Better discount elsewhere

Okay, so even if the brand is giving you a 10-20% off, but what if the other brand is giving you a 30-40% off? We would save money if we would consider that. This is the first thing hitting us.

2. Sale?

Should I buy this now or should I wait for the sale? Will this piece go out of stock in sale or will it available for half the price? Is it worth waiting for the sale? What if I do wait for the sail but I do not get the piece I want? What if I do not wait for the sale and buy it, but everybody buys it off the sale and makes it a mass thing?

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3. Should I check out the streets first?

Yes, there are high street brands and maybe they will give a discount but can that price beat Sarojini? Can I find something similar for a much cheaper price from street shops?

4. What if she buys it too?

There is always a "she" that we all have and we are always competing with that "she" in our6 head.

5. What if it won't look good on me?

If you consider the exaggerated sleeves, blouson tops that are trending right now, they do look beautiful but can everybody pull that off? Am I that person who would not be able to pull that off or will I look good?


6. How many people have tried this before me?

Think about it, in fact, you will be thinking about it a lot every time you go to a mall, trying on new clothes and thinking how many other people have tried this on before you. You would not feel the same about shopping anymore.

7. Is fast fashion worth it?

Zara and H&M and other fast fashion brands do give us access to trending clothes, but the conditions in which they are produced, is it worth it? Some sweatshops have life-threatening infrastructure. Are we also contributing to another toxic work cycle and culture unknowingly? Fast fashion wastes more than it yields, but the demand is so high so that does say a lot of things about environmental hazards!

8. Am I doing the right thing?

First, to put me out in a public place and second still consuming that much? Can I opt for sustainable brands and buy less, instead of buying more from fast fashion brands?


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