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7 Things I Want To Borrow From My Mom.

Date: 2019-04-11 17:44:13

By Priyanshi

Like a lot of you, my ideal role model has been my mother due to how she carries herself despite the circumstances and how I think of adopting certain things that she has to have a key to a successful life.

Here are 7 such things:

1. Her effortless skincare routine.

I remember my mom applying coconut malai on her face or raw and unfiltered milk which has no chemicals. I want to adopt her skin care routine which is so natural and herbal that it really rejuvenates your insides.


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2. Patience & understanding of situations.

I have seen her handle the toughest situations with calm, suppressing all her anger for the greater good. Understanding people as she does is a rare quality to have.


3. How to let go in life.

Letting go is a major issue these days and my mom certainly nailed it. She is just so good at it, if I master that art, I'll be the most peaceful person.


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4. How to ace people's hearts with Pyaar loaded food.

I don't know how but there is something about a mother's food, it's just too yummy that you can't find that taste anywhere in the world. I want to cook like her to win people's hearts through food.


5. To maintain a balance of everything in life.

The most difficult yet an important etiquette to develop is a sense of balance in life. I have seen her cook food for everyone, send her children to school, attend to her husband and take care of the house and the job! How do you do this mother?



6. Her selfless love for the people around.

Moms keep themselves after everybody in the family. They even eat only after they've fed everyone. Selflessness is best taught by moms.


7. Knowing what to say, when.

This will be quite a gift adopted from her because the key to maturity and handling situations is knowing when to say, where to say, to whom to say and what to say.


Kids observe their mothers from their childhood years and learn a lot about human behavior and ideology that develops from their mother's. But when you grow up, you understand how you've forgotten to adopt gold stuff from your moms under the influence of trend. So, think about what you want to borrow from her and you're sorted.


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