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Are You Girls Completely Ignoring These 7 Things That Turn Men's Off?

Date: 2018-12-13 15:23:23

By Abhishek

Your guy will try every possible way to make you feel special; he will never make you feel unwanted.

And so does you girls do...But there are things which your guy may not like and might turn him off. Hence to jump off that little bump which is getting in between your way, here are the lists of things that turn guys off:

1. Playing too defensive or hard to fetch:

Thinking that he will chase you forever? No, he won't. Don't act like you are not interested in him, learn, when you think you are going way too much and by your action, he is moving away from you, as well.

There is no book which says, "Guys have to put all the efforts", sometimes they expect from you girls too.

Why don't you guys just be together, and put a full stop on those kid games!


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2. Don't fake it to make it:

Just like you girls, guys too hate when you fake or hide something from guys. Guys like girls who are transparent in showing the thoughts and the emotions. Don't play those mind games because that makes them confused about who you actually are?


3. The fluctuation point - ON and OFF:

Guys hate when all of a sudden girl's acts so different and interesting part is - without any reason? At one moment you behave like the besties and in the other second, it's just the opposite.

Even if he tries to put efforts to make a good bond with you, Girls, you are ruining the beautiful bond (and maybe the next Romeo Juliet of 21st century) by showing your cold behavior.


4. Body Odour, yes guys do take notice of this.

No matter how busy you were, how many miles you traveled, make sure you should not be in the sweaty smell. Imagine you have a date with your guy, and rather than concentrating on you, he would be more focused on your bad odour.

Imagine, how smelly that goodnight hug will be? So just take care of that too.


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5. Always expecting from him for all the sweet gestures, out of the world surprises and in return showing rough behavior towards him is never going to push him to do more for you, instead, he might maintain a gap. Show some interest, make him feel important by letting him know that he matters to you.

Always expecting from him is really too overrated.


6. Making him jealous:

Lady, you are not a kid anymore, don't recall your old school day where you teased your friends and made them feel jealous for that extra toffee you got. Your guy is not that toffee (maybe his nature is as sweet as a toffee...but), he is a human being and he too has emotions, which might not go well for him and for your super healthy bond.



7. Talking less because why should I!

It's completely fair to show this attitude to someone whom you talk less often or to that person where you are not happy and comfortable; however it's not healthy in the case where you know you feel super happy, secure, comfortable and get a hell lot of good vibes, trust me that really turn guys off.

Guys love girls who talk (obviously, no negative talks), who show interest in them and who do not feel shy to show their emotional side (by this we does not mean; rona dhona).

Maybe he has tried a lot make you snuggly and expecting the same from you as well.


Your guy is your guy, so why not make a happy couple!


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