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These 7 Things Only New Mom Will Relate To.

Date: 2019-07-30 13:47:34

By Mansha

Being a mother is 24 hours and 7-day job, there is no leave and no rest. For new mom it is difficult to cope up with new changes in their lives. Being a mother is a special moment for every woman, carrying an angel in the arms, taking care of the baby is every girl wish after marriage. But, being a mother is a hard job where you have to sacrifice your old habits, lifestyle, and love life.

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If you have also turned into a mother recently or you are thinking about what it is like to be a mother then you should definitely read through it.

Things only a new mom would relate to:

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No sleep:

Babies are allergic to sleep and bed. If by chance you make them sleep and by mistake, you keep them on their bed, then-boss, they will scream to the level which will keep you awake till the moon goes down and the sun rises up. Mothers, give up their sleep just to make their babies comfortably sleep on their laps.


Sitting in one position for hours:

Breastfeeding is important for babies for their health and immune system, but for mothers, it's a challenge because sitting in one position for hours, that too holding a baby is somewhat tough.


Fathers, hai itna dum?

No social life for a few months:

Before babies, life is simple. You get up early in the morning, do little bits of house chores, go to work and then finally in the night you wait for your husband and then maybe you both decide to enjoy some time with friends or some time alone, but with kids, mothers find it difficult to maintain the balance between social life and private life because babies need the highest attention of their mothers all the time.


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Always tired:

Newly turned mothers feel always tired because of lack of sleep and sometimes lack of outings because of which they get irritated and frustrated. Darling husbands and newly turned fathers, despite getting irritated from your wife's new behavior, help them and love them more than ever before.


Post-delivery weight:

Newly turned mothers can't control their baby weight all because of "desi nuske" (ghee, churi and various other food items) because of which their darling mother's think that the baby would get much healthier and because of this they sometimes resent their motherhood. Don't worry moms, it happens and doesn't feel guilty about feeling resentful, it is natural.


Cleanliness freak turns out to be carefree:

All ladies are cleanliness freak when it comes to their house or even their room, but once they become a mother, their room always messes with baby bottles all around, diapers are all over the places and toys are scattered in every corner. Suddenly they become carefree and they just wish for some alone time even in a mess.



Sacrificed their love life:

Even though at times they wish to spend some quality time with their husbands, but they find it next to impossible because of mother duties. They feel scared about their marriage and sometimes left out too. Don't think too many mothers, this time won't last forever and you all have an understanding husband who love you like crazy and now even more because you have given birth to their child.


Turning into a mother from a wife is a hell of a change, life becomes a roller coaster with ups and downs, but also it is the biggest blessing of having a child.

Salute to all the mothers over there for sacrificing their health, lifestyle and much more only for their kids, you all are the real superheroes.


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