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7 Signs You Are Too Shy To Be In A Relationship

Date: 2019-01-03 18:59:45

By Abhishek

"Why am I too shy to say yes to him/her?"

I know you must have asked yourself this question plenty of time that's why you have clicked on this article. You want to get pampered, you wish to be loved by someone who cares for you (just like what Ranveer Singh did for Deepika), and you want to share your life with someone special, but you feel shy to say YES.

Now, before you start thinking again, here are some signs which tell you are too shy to be in a relationship.

1. Sometimes you get too scared when you think to be in a relationship. Negative thoughts start coming to your mind before even starting the beautiful phase.

Actually, there is nothing to worry about, enjoy every moment and stay positive.


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2. You understand everything but are too shy to admit the signals opposite person is trying to give.

And the award for best acting goes to... YOU!


3. For you, PDA (physical display of affection) is an alien thing; you are too scared to show your affection towards the opposite person.

There is no harm in showing care to someone you love, it's time to come out of your "Sharma-na zone".


4. Just to spice up things between you both, when he/she talks about love/relationship related topics, your mind says Yuckk!

Don't be that boring!


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5. You ignore the flirt messages and try to bypass the situation.
Because at that time you too are blushing and you have no idea what to say next (Go die single, *JUST JOKING*).


6. And also, for you, the word "RELATIONSHIP" means banda-bandi (couple), but hey! The relationship does not mean it has to be a couple bond (gf/bf); it can be a friendship relationship too.

See, how scared and shy you might be feeling right now. Although, love starts from friendship, *just saying!*



7. In case, again saying, in case you start liking or loving someone, the fear of getting a rejection haunts you day and night.

And what if she/he said YES?


Imagine, you shy personality, you are getting a proposal, so how will you react? Running from the situation at 200 knots?
It's time to throw away your shyness and catch his/her signals dude!


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