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7 Reasons Why You Should Breakup With Your Mobile For At Least 3 Hours In A Day

Date: 2019-07-14 11:39:56

By Manveen

Remember when we were in school and the night before our parents would tell us to pack everything for the next day and we would literally pack every stationery, book, rough book, etc and then we went to school with literally everything we need for those eight to nine hours and a smartphone was not one of them. Remember those days? Crazy were they not, us without our phones and even after coming back we had TV, tuitions, time to play out in the field and we did not need our phones, how the hell did we survive those decades?

But we did right? And let's be honest, those days were much better so here are 7 legit reasons why you should breakup with your mobile for at least 3 hours a day:

1. Peace of mind.

Black screens do give you a headache, be it your mobile, laptop or tv, after a while, you end up with a headache, hours of scrolling down on social media does give you a lot of disturbance on your head, ditch them for three hours at least.


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2. Fresher content.

If you are going to sit with your phone the entire day, you will keep on seeing the same posts again and again and you will be bored and later annoyed at it for being stale and boring, so ditch it for three hours and when you use it well then at least something new would have come up by then.


3. Ignore the trash.

When you are sitting with your phone all day, that means you don't have much to do and whatever it is that you are doing is not fun quite clearly and with all this when you look at other people on some exotic vacation or celebrating something you will feel demotivated, so ditch this negativity, ignore these people, don't use your phone for a while.


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4. Give your phones more life.

The average life of any smartphone these days is one to two hours and a maximum of three so if not for yourself, but for your phone, let it breathe for a while.


5. Save electricity.

The more you use your phone, the sooner it drains out and then you put it back on charging again in an infinite never-ending cycle, so if not for yourself or your phone, do it for the environment at least.



6. Stop being an addict.

You do realize what you have your phone borders on the word addiction, right? And no addiction, literally not to one thing is good for anybody or has delivered any good out of it so in the name of whatever is holy, take a break from your phone.


7. For all of the above reasons.

Maybe one reason is not enough for you, but six can put up a good case together, pick whichever one you like but do take a break from your phone.


Let the mobile breath and allow yourself to watch out the beautiful surroundings around you.


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