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7 Epic Lies, We Have Been Listening To Since Childhood.

Date: 2019-03-03 14:52:32

By Manveen

Our childhood is made up of a lot of things, fun, play, games, and lies. Not many remind you of this kind of nostalgia because it leads either to some deeply rooted trauma or a reality that one is trying to escape. Here are the top seven lies every child has been told in his or her childhood:

1. Santa Claus.

Beginning the queue with this one, as a child, everybody had their own versions of Santa Claus, for some, it was either their dad and for some their grandfather. But somehow you would wake up to a gift every time on Christmas morning, often it would be what you want, but sometimes not and you would just sit there wondering why Santa did not give you what you want.


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2. Marks will decide your future.

Desi parents practically drilled this into your head that unless and until you score a hundred on hundred or anything in ninety you will end up either selling vegetables or you will become a cobbler or so. Maths especially was an utter source of misery because if you fail in maths you are going to fail in life.


3. Karma.

Most of the blessings come from parents and similarly most of the lies that you have been fed also come from your parents. One such was that if you do something bad, then life will treat you bad too, but clearly, they failed to understand the law of nature. Tigers eat deers and other living beings for meals and are not sorry because they do not have a conscience. They do not have a society to make them think that is wrong and no nobody has ever seen a deer eat a tiger. Karma is not going back to the tiger so probably won't come to you either.


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4. Elders are always right.

Ask them why so and they legit have no answer for this so you just have to blindly submit to the will of all those who are elderly in your family just for the fact that they are born before you.


5. Girls are weaker than boys.

The reason why this is so common among children is because, you give boys the kind of toys you can only play outside and hand Barbie and kitchen set to girls which hinder the growth of their bones and prevent them from becoming fit. Have you seen female sports celebrity? Female police? Female pilots?

They can beat the shit out of full-grown men.



6. Lying will lead you to hell.

Another one based on zero research and zero conducted a survey because bhagwaan hote hai and he does not like lies. But what if all the stories that our parents said are just mere lies fed to you?

For example: If you do not bath, the ghost will come and take you forever.
Do you really think it happens? Will you be sent to hell, parents?


7. You have 5000 words to say in a week.

The biggest lie of all which made us speak less for the entire week is, if we exceed the desired word limit, we will not be able to speak from the very next moment until the next week comes.

Common parents, who do this with your own kids?


We believe, you are thinking more about such lies which we heard in our childhood. Do let us know in the comments below if we have missed something more interesting.


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