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5 Things Women Should Do When They Become Newly Single

Date: 2018-12-18 15:32:19

By Ritika

The end of a relationship isn't something that always brings sadness and even if it does, we should learn to find the good in everything. When you're with someone, you give your all to them and sometimes end up forgetting yourself in the process, so after you become single - not only are you 'eligible to mingle', but also have all of you to yourself.

Women get more time to introspect, think about themselves and do things that they might not have done otherwise. You no longer have to do things that would impress or make your boyfriend happy. So, what do women do when they become newly single?

1. You have time to figure out EVERYTHING about yourself.

Introspection, finding yourself, everything of the kind - you get to do that. That road-trip to the Himalayas? Adopting a pet because that would make you insanely happy? You're constantly evolving and that is why you need to keep evolving your sense of yourself as well. Getting to know yourself and things that you didn't know you earlier liked doing is very important.

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2. You learn to be self-sufficient.

It's not called being dependent, but earlier you were used to having a partner by your side for a lot of things and would feel rather troubled when they wouldn't be there to do things that were 'their responsibility'. You no longer have to find a person to have Sunday brunches with or to pick you up from the office. You find your own ways and honestly, having your own company sometimes feels a lot better than having anyone else.

3. You have conversations that aren't about him anymore, makes you see a lot more.


Earlier, your man had an influence in your life because he was such a big part of it and even when you'd talk to your friends, it would include him. Now you're having so many more real conversations, you're talking to people, getting to know them and seeing a lot more than you earlier did.

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4. Anything you've ever wanted to do is everything you're going to do now.

The world's your oyster and you're going to do everything you want to know. Going late night partying? Getting drunk with your friends? Having that cold drink with ice cream that looks disgusting? CHECK ON ALL OF THEM. You can try out everything and it may turn out to be a bad idea sometimes, but hey, at least you're living and not just existing!

5. You spend a lot of time with your loved ones and that improves you so much.

You don't have to spend time with a said person anymore, you can go wherever you want, you spend a lot more time with your family and friends and that has never been a bad idea. Set for a drive on a road to self-improvement, your happiness isn't very far away.


We all generally associate getting single with heartbreaks and getting hurt but never did we remember the things that are actually good about being single. If you've become newly single and aren't doing these things, you better get to them ASAP girl!

"I will be the best that I can be!", BECAUSE WHY NOT.


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