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25 Things You Must Do With Your Friend's After Lockdown Ends.

Date: 2020-05-20 16:25:39

By Diksha

after lockdown, life after coronavirus

My girlfriends/bitches, excited for lockdown to end? Like a hot tea on a cold day, with friends things get better in life. Like we need parents, our brother/sister, or partner. Similarly, nothing can replace my girl friends.

So, here's the to-do list of things which you should do with your friends post lockdown.

1. Brunch potluck.

The new mantra post lockdown will be "Friends who eat together stays together". So, as we all would be missing our friend's mom's handmade food. Thus, amazing food over gossip sessions is great.

2. Head out to favorite Golgappa spot.

Okay, we tried all the new ways of making golgappa, but nothing can beat our fun eating at our favourite golgappa spot.

after lockdown, life after coronavirus

3. Movie-night.

It felt like it's been decades, to watch our favorite movie or show together with our favourite foods and enjoy it. So, this is totally on my list.

4. The Parlour is all we need.

Yes, I did try all remedies, but the best fun of visiting saloons is my squad where we can talk endlessly about anything and just relax. I miss it so much!!

5. Start our own business.

Since the lockdown has given us a lot of time to work on our skills and learn something new. So, definitely I will be coming up with amazing ideas to start our own Small business and earn some cash. Moreover, it will be fun to have fun!!

6. Our fitness classes.

OMG!! How much we all have missed each other during our fitness sessions and stalking some boys. Since instead of heading towards the gym, we will better take online fitness, dance classes like Curefit types.


7. Stalk your exes.

Nonetheless, whatever we did during the lockdown, many of us missed our "ex". So, as soon as I will be with my squad, I will stalk them again, just to make fun of them.

8. Play our favourite sports.

Apparently, we do love sports because it keeps us fit and helps us to take out our anger, lol.

9. Park-day.

I realized the importance of enjoying outdoor games like playing in the park. So, definitely post lockdown Hide & Seek and many other our childhood games will play and have fun over the swings.

10. Get Our Hair Done At Tease.

Yes, yes to new hair cuts, after all, new hair cuts are the secret of our energy.

11. Have our favourite coffee.

Yes, we did try making Dalgona coffee, but pampering ourselves is the first thing we love and miss. So heading to our coffee spot and enjoy the Cuppa.

10. Visit Sunday Book Bazaar.

Now, we can do anything and can go anywhere. So every Sunday there happens to be a book bazaar, and this time post-lockdown me & my squad are definitely going there.

11. Scream For Ice Cream.

Summers are back baby, and the love of iCe0cream is non-comparable. So we want our ice creams!!!

after lockdown, life after coronavirus

12. Make Homes Greener.

Another lockdown realization, understood the value of gardening, hence will be doing this activity with my girls. So we can chat more and enjoy more.

13. Get drunk.

Many of us are getting it. But, let's face it, we girls are not. So, it has been so many months we didn't even have touched. Thus, I & my squad are going to get drunk like a fish!!

14. Just spend time at a mall and won't worry about it.

Hopefully, the malls will open, so I will definitely visit there with my gang and spend time just by eating our favorite stuff and doing some window shopping and feeling good about it.

15. Dance till you drop.

You know how amazing you feel to dance in your own comfort zone 0n our favourite tracks or that Bollywood night, & dance in the weirdest, naughtiest ways, and me! We don't care who's watching us.

after lockdown, life after coronavirus

16. Adopt an animal.

Me & my girls always wanted to adopt animals just like the harry potter and her friends get to have. So, we made a pact that post lockdown each of us is going to adopt an animal.

17. Visit your school/college.

When we all meet we will definitely like to visit our college/school and relieve all the memories and take clicks at our favourite places.

18. Take a metro ride through the city.

I am serious. I have never thought I would be missing my daily travel journey with my squad, but, yes, I am missing so much that metro ride and daily morning gossips, and stalking other people.

19. Sing-along like a rockstar.

Singing together is the ultimate fun, when we just sing our throats out and then laugh at each other's bad voice over a karaoke night. Totally nostalgia!! But once will be together, we redo it and this time it will be a bang!!

20. Plan trips in the future and sign pacts.

Oh yes, this is for sure we will do, since this year we need to take care of ourselves, but, definitely as soon the circumstance will get fine, will definitely travel to our favorite places and chill.

21. Home fashion show.

It's been long, our nightdresses are doing overtime and our main dresses are not getting any attention at all. So, once will meet my girls, we have decided to organize our home fashion show with each other's dress and accessories and feel good about ourselves.

after lockdown, life after coronavirus

22.Momo's love.

How can I forget the love of our momo's, after Golgappe they are ours forever love? So, head straight to our momo's spot and this time I will have a momo's competition with my squad.

23. Selfies-ishhhhh.

Our gang is incomplete without selfies. Yes, will take selfies at all our spots and be totally weird.

24. Together DIY.

All the effort of being in lockdown was to learn the DIY's which we did, so it's time to do practical with my squad and enjoy the messier fun of it.

25. Mistakes & Realizations.

This is one part which actually bonds my girl gang together. So as usual, we will share our life experience, our realization, and our mistakes. So, we all will learn something from them.


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