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25 Signs You Are Mature And Sensible.

Date: 2019-08-09 16:09:48

By Mansha

They say maturity comes with the age, but according to me, it comes with the experience and exposure of the world. Maturity is when you feel less vulnerable and more full of life without any major reason, you start seeing the positive side to everything and you never feel scared during hard times because you believe in faith and hard work.

i am mature

There are many people who are mature in their early 20s and people who are childish in their late 40s because age doesn't define your sensibility about things, but your upbringing or observation skills can define your sensible nature and maturity.

Here are some signs that show you are becoming mature and sensible:

You don't look forward to weekends to get drunk; even a small get-together at home make you feel satisfied.


When you give your parents some brilliant advice on some matter.

You don't force love to enter into your life.

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You take out more time to spend alone because being alone doesn't scare you anymore.

You believe in saving than spending unnecessary.

You accept heartbreaks without holding grudges.


You don't argue on things, instead you decide to remain silent.

You compare less.

You have finally realized that family is more important than friends and you look forward for a lot of family time now.

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Materialistic things don't excite you anymore because you have learned the importance of earning.

You don't look forward to late-night parties because you have less patience for loud music. Instead, you prefer talking and chilling sessions with your close friends.


You understand the importance of other relationships in your life. You value and cherish each of them.

You give priority to your career and future.

You believe in the quality of friends than the quantity of them.

You never hesitate to accept your mistakes, saying sorry is not a big deal anymore.

FOMO doesn't affect you anymore.


Vodka or any other shot makes you feel childish instead you prefer a drink because taking it slow is advisable.

Phone calls have become less because gossips make you feel sick now.

You don't mind sitting at home on weekends and doing nothing.


You have finally realized, it is okay to let people go.

You pay more attention to health and fitness.


You observe things around you than giving your valuable suggestions because not everyone deserves them.

A realization of money can't buy happiness.

You have started feeling happy when it comes to other people's success.

You have decided to wait for a life partner than running behind the idea of it because the wait is worth it.


Focus on the right things and life would teach you the best lessons. Speak when necessary and listen more often because maturity is when you understand others pain.


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