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24 Interesting Facts About Babies Which Will Make You Say 'I Never Knew That!'

Date: 2018-08-01 14:35:58

By TabloidXO Writers

Babies, the word itself is so happening, the picture which we get illustrated in our mind makes us drool over their cute smile, innocent eyes, bubbly checks and what not.
They are the reason for our happiness. These incredible babies teeny weeny hands make us drive through an awww-cuto.
Today we got you some interesting facts to know more about tots. Do you know they have superhuman powers? Their grip is so strong that they are able to handle their whole body weight, and that's because of palmar grasp.

Amazing right??

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1. Babies Like Mum's Voice More:

Babies Prefer Women's Voices Over Men's And Like High-pitched Voice More Than Low-pitched Voices.


2. A Baby's Brain Reaches 70% Of Its Adult Size By The First Birthday And 80% By The Second Birthday.

3. Babies Does Not Have Knee Caps.

4. Your Child Starts Understanding What You Are Saying Before They Begin To Speak.

5. An Average Baby Will Triple The Birth Weight In The First Year.


6. Your Baby Can Breathe Under Water While In Utero.

7. Your Baby Can't Taste Salt Until 4 Month Of Age

8. Baby's Wants To Put Everything In Their Mouth, Because Babies Are Born With Innate Desire To Put Everything In Their Mouth.


9. New Born Baby See Everything Black And White.

10. A Baby Helps Mom To Repair Damaged Organs By Sending The Stem Cell To Her Organs.

11. A Baby Uses 50% Glucose In Its Body That's Why They Need So Much Sleep.

12. New Born Baby Can't Cry Tears.


13. New Born Babies Have 300 Bones.

14. Newborns Are More Likely To Turn Their Head To The Right Than To The Left.

15. A Baby's First Smile Appears Between Four And Six Weeks After Birth.

16. Babies Has Three Times Taste Buds As Adult, On The Roof, Back, And Sides Of Their Mouth. 10,000 To Be Precise.


17. You're Baby Cries In Your Accent. Hear It Closely You Wil Realize

18. New Born Baby's Breath Rate Is Around 40 Times/second And Where As An Adult Breath Rate Is 10-20 Times/second.

19. Baby Girls Get Periods While In The Womb.

20. Baby Boy Get Erections When They Are In The Womb.

21. When The Baby Is In The Womb, He Uses One Hand More Than The Other. He'll Prefer To Use The Same After The Birth Too.

22. Right From The Birth To Toilet Training, A Baby Uses An Average Of 8000 Diapers.


23. You Baby Shares His/her Birthday With At Least 9 Million People In The World.

24. When The Baby Is Full, They Will Turn There Head Left-Right Which Means They Are Giving You The Signal That They Are Full.

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