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18 Struggles You Face When You Are The Only Bookworm In Your Group

Date: 2018-08-09 14:29:13

By Erica

Bookworm is such an old term. I'm going to call you 'Book Dragons'.

To all my lovely book dragons out there, I feel you. I know exactly what you go through because I am a fan of books myself and the numerous comments and situations I've been through are quite relatable.
You know that feeling you get when you feel like you never really made any friends in the first place so that it could be just the books and you?
Well, now that you are tagged in a picture that has a caption screaming "#SQUAD GOALS!!!"
Don't all those exclamation marks give you a headache? An author would know how and where to utilize them for sure.

Let's get on with struggles we go through in a group.

1. "You are so anti-social!"

"Noooo, I just prefer reading than going out on a Saturday and every other day that follows"

2. "Bhai, no classes today. I booked four tickets for the movie"
"What about that bookworm? Oh. Right"

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3. After a movie:

They:"Let's guess. The book was better"

4. Friend: "I'm going to go with you to the library every day"
Me: "Oh my god! Isn't it fun to read the novels? They just brought in new ones. It is so peaceful there. We could do our assignments, then read some fiction or let's speed read some autobiographies? I've never tried them and-"
Friend: Um...I'm going to make out with some guys That's not what you do?"


5. Nobody understands book-related merchandise

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6. They think it's weird that you like to read

7. They don't understand why you don't want to date

Because boys are not even worthy when compared to the ones I just had a moment with *shuts the book*

8. Words like 'mundane'

9. They just cannot relate to the posts you share on Facebook.

10. When you say books, they assume you mean math and science. Not Fiction.

11. They ignore your attempt at fan fiction like it was dust on their shoe


12. They: "Fifty shades of grey was an epic dude!"
Me: "The book wasn't that great"
They : *Group gasp*

13. Me : "Books are uniquely portable magic"
Group : Uh. . . .what?

14. They turn to you for help with love letters, stories, and captions!


15. They just don't get when I cry


16. They: "But you don't wear glasses. How could you be a bookworm?"
Me : *Shuts the book and storms off*


17. Me during a fight: "Faction before blood"
They: "Yeah, she's right. Tum jaante nahi hum kaun hai!"
Me: "That's not what I meant!"

18. They believe I was pulled out of my beloved mother's womb with a book in my hands.

Conclusion :

From absurd questions to surprised reactions, sometimes I feel their eye balls could get stuck right up there when they roll 'em. Because people watching readers enjoy reading is eye-roll worthy or something. Well, friends of the many book dragons out there, go through that list again and make sure you remember those are the struggles we go through. "... a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge."...

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