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18 Signs That Show You Have Got The Best Boss Ever

Date: 2018-12-11 17:23:01

By Mansha

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Boss and employee relationship is very complex, it depends on the boss, how moody he is, how mad he can get or how much understanding he is. One of my friends is working for a company and her relationship with her boss is pretty well. Whenever we meet, she always says, how lucky she is that she has got a boss who is understanding and motivating. Nowadays, because of increasing knowledge of human resource management, the environment in many offices are positive and the relationship between the leaders and employees are way far better than before. 18 signs that you have one hell of a boss


He motivates you in doing better. Rather than blame you for your mistakes, he gives you the feedback and tells you how can you do better and will make sure you do your work better next time.

Appreciate your work:

Even if sometimes, your work is not up to his mark or he feels something is missing. He will appreciate your work and skills and helps you to work on your flaws. If your work is amazing, he will make sure you get to know about it by awarding you or saying that you did a great job.


He plays the role of a captain:

In cricket, the captain takes responsibility if the team wasn't playing well. In the same way, the good boss will never hesitate in taking the blame if some decisions were not good. He will play as a good captain and take the blame and if it goes according to the plan, he will always share that success with the whole team.

He is friendly enough:

You are the luckiest one if your boss has this quality, if he is friendly you can approach him with any problem easily. You will feel comfortable in having a conversation with him. This also helps the employees to take out the solution to every problem easily.


Doesn't care about rumors:

He doesn't get affected by the rumors, which can harm the reputation of his employees.


He understands you if you go to him or her with your problems, personal and works both. Also, he will help you to come out of it.


He will focus on success as a whole:

He will focus on each and every employee's success. Not only will be worried about his company, but he will also be worried about his assets too and the main asset of the company is employees.

A good listener:

Unlike those egoistic bosses who think he has the only right to speak and employees are there to listen. Good bosses will listen to you carefully and will encourage you if you positive.


Will not hesitate to do small jobs by him:

Sometimes, when reaching to the higher level, bosses don't touch those small tasks but the good boss will help you in your work.

A good mentor:

They teach you as his or her student. He will teach all those work in which you facing any type of problem, like, excel sheet.


Immediate feedback:

He won't put your files under waiting for two-three days. He will analyze your work and will give you feedback immediatel


He will understand your work and pressure and will give you the options for flexible working hours.

Trusts you:

He trusts you with all your decisions and will give a chance to prove yourself. Will motivate you for the same.


Fair enough:

He is fair enough in rewarding you. And he never gets biased among his employees. For him, every employee is the same.

He tries to ignore any panic attacks:

He remains calm at the time of crisis. Unlike other bosses, he will participate with his employees to work better at the time of crisis.


Will encourage even at the small wins:

He will celebrate your small wins as well. Like, your first project got selected for the evaluation further.


He won't get offended if you give your opinions in his work:

He will happy to get your feedback on his work.

Lastly, celebrates with you all his company's successes:

He will share his happiness with you and celebrates with you all the milestones.


Boss, you are the best and I hope you too had liked this article, so, can I expect a bonus?

(Mauke Pe Chauka)

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