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17 Desi Tall Girl Problems.

Date: 2019-09-14 14:10:05

By Erica

All the tall girls, this one is for you!

Being one myself, it's pretty surprising what trivial yet frustrating problems we tall girls go through. The things people say, the places we go, the clothes we wear - there is a problem with almost everything, Right?

Let's get on with the list of tall girl problems:

1. "Itni lambi hai, shaadi kon karega?" In this also you have problem with tall girl? God.

2. "Dude, why do you even buy high heels?"

No, what's the need. I already have in-built heels since i was born.

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3. "Long legs, huh? Model kyu nahi ban jati? Yaa air hostess?"

And you tongue is too long, did I told you?

4. The leg space issues in the car or while flying.

5. "So tall and you don't play basketball? Then what do you do?"

6. "Yaar, tu khadi ho ke photo na le humare sath. Humari Maa jaisi dikhti hai.

If you got some problem then bring a chair, please!"

7. "Boyfriend ko complex feeling nahi hoga?"

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8. A bed space problem with tall girl is normal yet problematic.

9. Meet and greet problems, hug problems is actually weird. The head gets somewhere else, ahem!

10. You are kinda a long stick which is used to get the clothes which are at a good height.

> For the book on the top shelf.
> To clean the fan.
> To fix a tube light.
> To find things under dressing tables.
> To pull out slippers from under the closet.
> To hang the curtains.
> To search for someone in a crowd.
> To help act older and get inside a club.
> To pull down a screen and adjust the projector way above the head

11. "Teri mummy itni si hai, tere daddy bhi utne lambe nahi hai. Toh tu kaise. . .?"

12. "Bachpan mein zyaada complan peeti thi kya? Ha...ha...ha"

13. "Pakka woh dress hi hai? Mujhe toh short top lag raha hai"


14. Probably going die alone because no guy wants to date tall girl! I wish if it wasn't true.

Why? How dare you ask that! .
> Need a taller boy to carry me.
> Rarely a guy wants a taller girl

15. Oh, so my head is missing in one, two . . . oh, actually all the damn pictures!

16. When you don't own a full length mirror where you actually fit in. Hope so!

Dear people,

Just leave us alone. If you can't then at least get some new dialogues. We are so done with the usual. Mazak udana hai toh style se karo na. Get creative if you cannot try being 'acceptive' - I just made that up so don't use the word anywhere else, folks. Reason? : It rhymed!

Did you just saw the tall girl savage mode?

But we have Tall girl benefits also.


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