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16 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Punjabi Kudi

Date: 2018-08-02 17:44:12

By Mansha

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Punjabi's are known for his or her energy, which can't compete with anyone. They are the coolest and loudest people on earth I would say. They are the most loving and caring people.

And when it comes to dating a Punjabi kudi, it's all a different experience or I would say happy experience. She is the Bindass one in the relationship and doesn't give a damn about with whom you are without her and who was that girl in the photo. She will trust and love you in a way that no one can. But dating a Punjabi kudi is not everyone's cup of tea.

1. She is only fond of food and food:

If you ask her, whom you love more, you or food, chances are she would say FOOD. So be ready and don't get offended.


2. She believes in "JEEYO OR JEENE DO":

She enjoys her life to the fullest, you would end up laughing more with her than your friends. She knows how to make her life fun. She wouldn't care about "LOG KYA KAHENGE".


3. Can never ever say no to drinks:

If you think, like other girls, she would be just done with one drink, boss you are wrong. Maybe her capacity is far better than yours.


4. She can be hell straightforward:

She doesn't care about what people think about her, if she believes that something is going wrong, she will be the first one to take a stand against it and maybe because of that you can come into the BIG trouble.


5. So good with jokes:

She is way too good at making jokes and can make anyone uncomfortable but when the time comes to take a joke on herself, she knows that too. She will truly play back with you.


6. Proper Patola:

Punjabis weddings are the best weddings and the best part of the wedding is Punjabi kudis. She hell knows how to shake that booty.


7. Her endless dramas:

Her sudden urge to have CHOLLE BHATHURE or ALOO KE PARANTHE can give anyone major panic attacks and if you don't fulfill those dramas, you are so gone. She won't mind to give you her Punjabi MUKKA.


8. Self-admirer:

She doesn't need you to say, You are my favorite because "MAIN APNI FAVORITE HOON".


9. Never get tired of long drives and loud music:

Taking her to drive and thinking that it would be small night and you would be home early. BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. She won't let you do that. She would love that romantic drive with loud music and if things go according to her than you guys would be on road all night long.


10. Anger issues:

OH BOY, never ever do something that can piss her off because if that happens, only God can save you.


11. Even though she is bindass, she can never neglect family values:

If you think she will give all her time to you, you are wrong, she is a big family person and she would always keep you her second priority. Before marriage and after marriage. In an all she is a family oriented kudi too.


12. Queen of socializing:

She knows how to attract new people and how to maintain relationships. With her, chances are you have to greet every second person in the gathering.


13. She believes in the present:

For her past is past, she knows how to live to the fullest in the present situation and future is far for her. With her, you too can be totally bindass.


14. Her endless talks:

If you are dating her, chances are you are with her only to listen to her. She will have the most meaningless conversations and still be proud of it and you will be laughing than speaking.


15. Her energy level is always high:

PUNJABIYAN DI BATTERY charge rehndi hai. She can never get tired of her parties or endless dramas or endless talks.


16. She is really bad at holding any kind of anger for long:

This is definitely a plus point boys, just one hug or a small gesture can melt her like butter.


Its awesome to date a Punjabi kudi, they are the cleanest hearted and loyal people. They know how to love and when they do fall in love, they give you all of hers and expect nothing in return except love.

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