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15 Reasons Why Fights With Best Friends Occur.

Date: 2019-08-05 18:08:07

By Mansha


There is no better word to explain this beautiful bond which best friends share. There is no blood relation, but still, it is the most special relationship anyone could ever have.

fight with best friend

Friendship is not just a word, it is an emotion, love, care, hate, and tears. It has covered many other relationships too, but in a good way because it makes no difference how far or near you are; friends are there in your thick and thin. No matter if you had an ugly fight for whatsoever reason, but those fights become the daily dose of entertainment and how?

"Because, fights in friends is too usual. ISME BURA KYA MAANNA!"

So, here are some reasons for fights in best friends:

When your friend takes too long to get ready and you have to wait for hours for him or her.

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Who will have the night stay at their place because no one wants to leave their comfort zone.

When it comes to asking for money back, that one friend gave to another friend but we all know, once that money is gone, nothing is coming back.

Who will go to the kitchen to heat the dinner in the middle of the night.


When the plan gets canceled because one of the friends refused to go at the last moment and excuses are non-bearable.

When one friend is in the mood to drink, but another one is interested in being sober. Suddenly, the fight begins about, "you have no other choice but to drink".

Who will get to play the music from their phones while traveling together.

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Abusing each other without any reason in a fun way but then soon, it becomes the battle of, who is best in abusing.

When they want to go for a dinner or a party at differences places and the fight is about, "whose place is much better".


Newly invented, "who will prepare the hookah when chilling at home".

Pulling each other's legs about the past relationships which, ends up, fighting about whose ex was worst.

When they don't reply or call back to your messages or calls which ends up by saying the famous dialogue of all-time, DOST DOST NA RAHA, PYARR PYARR NA RAHA.


When one is a Bollywood fan and another one in Hollywood. The best argument of all time because the best part of it is, who will puke out the most abusive word towards first.

When one makes a plan without him or her with a different group of friends. Oh boy, this is World War 3.


Slapping each other without any reason and then fighting about, "who started it first".

The best thing about friendship is, you don't have to think before saying or doing something because they will never judge you as they accepted you in the way you are. Even though friends fight like a cat and dog, but still, love would never fade away.


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