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15 Biggest Scams Only Indian Students Will Relate To.

Date: 2020-12-30 18:48:27

By Jitanshu

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A scam is a scam, a lie is a lie.

Every now and then, Indian students have gone through thousands of lies which has ruined their childhood; be it from their friends, Gf/Bf, parents or the whole family. Whether these are white lies, or may be black lies, but the only thing we know is, lies are lies, there is no category to it. Today we have funny take on the lies/scams Indians kids have heard in their lifetime and it's time to put a permanent stop on such scams.

Hum bhi bache hain yaar... chod do ab!

  1. Tuaddi friendship friendship
    Saddi friendship relationship.
  2. indian students

  3. Ya, just like Bitter Gourd/Karela?
  4. indian students

  5. Chal Jhutha!
  6. indian students

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  7. Ya, just like how 1+1 becomes 11.
  8. indian students

  9. Really?
  10. indian students lies

  11. Bas graduate ban jaao, uske baad life set.
  12. indian students

  13. And without studying, your friend tops the class.
  14. indian students lies


  15. Next Taj Mahal to tune hi banana hain.
  16. indian students

  17. Later, you get a shock when your friend post the same picture in which you were looking your worst self.
  18. indian students

  19. Aur issi mein hi fail honge sab.
  20. indian students

  21. Again, Really?
  22. indian students lies

  23. To the moon in search of water?
  24. indian students

  25. Bas wo kal aajaye jaldi!
  26. indian students

  27. 10 minutes = 1 hour.
  28. indian students

  29. Ya, as innocent as a lamb.
  30. indian students

  31. Aaj gaadi tera bhai chalayega.
  32. indian students

But, tera wo kaategi/kaatega is not a scam. And neither this; when your teacher says "This is the worst batch I've ever seen." :-P

And, if we've missed any lies that you can think of, do let us know in the comments section below.


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