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These 15 Lies You Have Said To Your Friends Because Har Ek Friend Kameena Hota Hai

Date: 2018-06-21 14:55:29

By Raunak

Jhooth bolna bhi ek kala hai. Jo waqt ke saath saath expertise mein badal jata hai. Kuch jhooth aise bhi hote hain jo humko smart, kaafi smart, kaafi zyaada smart bana dete hain. Aur ye jhooth vo jhooth hain, jo hum apne priye, doosto ko aksar bol diya karte hain!

Aaeye, dekhe unke kuch udharan!

1. Haan bhai. Raaste mei hun! Reaching in 5 mins.

It just means 'yes, I'm almost starting to get ready'.

2. Sorry yaar, mumma ne mana kar diya!

When you exclusively want to sleep and not go out with friends.

3. Nahi yaar, tu bhukha hai, tu khaa le

(Please yaar. Please samajh ja and offer kar de)

4. I don't mind when you hang out with other friends of yours. Toh kya hua?

Come back and I will make you regret this forever. HOW DARE YOU?

5. I will help you diet.

Ha ha ha, sureee....But after we have ordered a double-cheese margarita!

6. I will make sure you go to gym everyday

(only if I myself remember but)

7. I promise I will return it tomorrow!

Remember, tomorrow never comes?

8. Teri voh waali picture delete kar di maine. Chill.

Obviously you already have one copy saved on your laptop, one in your hard disk and one as a screenshot.

9. Yes, I'm listening to what you're saying.

Neverrrr. It's very rare and very unlikely that your friends actually listen to you unless it's some super juicy gossip. But if they catch you...

10. Aww, he's so cute. Date him!

Ewww, creep alert! Please never say yes.

11. You look good yaar.

Bro, for god's sake, take off that shirt. The color so brings that my eyes are going to bleed.

12. Yaar, pocket money khatam. Ek Ice cream khila de.

Basically, I'm just saving money for my mid-night pizza craving.

13. Sorry, I missed your call. Phone silent pe tha.

Actually, I was watching my favorite series and I knew you called me because you wanted something from me.

14. So nahi paya kal raat ko

That gives you a direct ticket to cancel the cricket match so that you can sleep for an extra couple of hours.

15. You're my best friend yaar

Haan, toh ab please apni pink dress de do, I'm going on a date.

Whether you admit it or not, we have all at least once (some of us frequently) lie to our friends about these small little things. Be sure they have lied to you about the same too. Aakhir, har ek friend kameena hota hai.

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