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15 Fun & Useful Hobbies For Girls.

Date: 2020-12-17 16:50:15

By Manveen

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Did you ever stop to think about how many hours of your life you have spent touching and tapping screens to find some sort of meaning in your life? You do procrastinate a lot and there is no denying that. There is only so much you can do on social media. Hobbies might seem like a slam book thing but you do remember how productive those good old days were now, were they not?

If they were so good then why can't we bring them back? If not totally maybe we can bring a productive routine back at least.

Here are 15 hobbies girls can implement in their daily routines:

1. Singing.

As old school as it sounds but why not? If you have a naturally good voice then why are you depriving yourself and others of your gift? Spread the joy, let others hear you pour your heart out. If you are not sure about your voice and skills then hire a tutor and ask him to guide you. Moreover, learn Indian music first. It acts as a very good foundation.

2. Dancing.

Most people shy away from singing but dance their heart and soul out. If partying one night in a club makes you so happy then imagine how happy would you be if you get to dance daily and that too in a more disciplined manner? Make yourself happy, lead a happy life.


3. Cooking.

As feminists claim there is no shame in not knowing how to cook well then there is also no shame in knowing and loving to cook. Cooking is food, it is essential and we all need it. What's more? If you can learn this life-saving skill you can save all the money you spend on eating out, we are talking about double profits here now, are you paying attention?

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4. Cycling.

Cycling is an amazing activity to be healthy and productive with not any investment except for a bicycle. You know once you make a routine out of cycling then you can use a cycle for short distances instead of cars or public transportation. Environment and money friendly both!


5. Yoga.

If you have been planning to maintain a good routine with a positive energy then there is nothing better than yoga. Not only will it calm you but bless you with a hot body as well.

6. Sketching.

If the child in you would jump in glee every time it saw crayons and art room then the chances of an adult in you appreciating art are very likely. Take time out and give visuals to your thought process and sketch whatever comes to your mind. Some prefer human anatomy while others love landscapes, sooner or later you will find your niche as well.


7. Painting.

The same goes for painting as well. If you are not that good at visualizing then just take a canvas, some brushes & paints and find yourself a scenic location and get the work going. It might seem like a task in the beginning but eventually, you will learn it and do it properly.

8. Learning a new language.

Not only is this option great for killing time but can boost your resume. Leave resume, how much more confident and proud you would be if you also knew another language? French, German, whichever one you want.


9. Writing.

If colours and art are not your first friend then probably words can be. Take comfort in penning down your thoughts and make another universe for yourself. If you are not into fiction then write to inspire, write to encourage. Make a change in somebody's life with your words!


10. Reading.

If your thoughts are unclear then perhaps somebody else's can comfort you. Find yourself an escape in reading and it will also enhance your vocabulary.


11. Gardening.

To be honest, not just you but the planet needs it too. Make a terrace garden or in a balcony. If you can manage a porch then nothing like that. Live in a pretty house with a garden and keep yourself occupied, you can also enroll yourself in gardening classes as well.

12. Embroidery.

Do you remember your grandmother's cribbing about boredom? No, right? That is because they kept themselves occupied with productive and fruitful tasks. Embroidery is so easy to learn, you can ask your mother and grandmother to teach you.


13. Sports.

Healthy, productive and keeps you fit, what more do you want? Badminton, tennis, basketball, cricket, there are so many to choose from.

14. Teaching.

Pretty much every girl has this career option reserved as Plan B in the back of her head if nothing else works out but why do you have to wait for that? Do not look at it as a job but as an opportunity to give something back to the community. Tutor your maid's child or teach your local vendor's children for free.

15. Illustrating.

Again channel the inner creative inside you and make something to influence the world.


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