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18 Interesting & Fun Facts About Girls Which May Interest You.

Date: 2020-08-29 19:34:29

By Manveen

Girls are really interesting creatures, no? Given the fact that tabloids and magazines give them and their personalities so much heed, there sure must be something that never ceases to entertain others. The thing is girls do not fall under one category or under ten, they are so unique and so different from their individualistic traits that it becomes difficult to put the fun facts about them in top ten or best 10 things, there are actually interminable points which makes them class apart and for you, we have got you only 18 of them for now, rest we will write in some other day.

Here are 18 important things and fun facts about girls which may interest you:

fun facts about women

There are all kinds of girls. Beginning with the most important piece of information, you just cannot categorize them as good or bad, as simple or indulgent. There are girls who love Marvel and manicures at the same time and there are women who are running cabinets yet trendy. We are all unique.

1.) Girls are not always mean to each other. This is something that needs to be cleared up. A person will never be mean to another person without a cause. Yes, some people do give each other a hard time, but that has nothing to do with being a girl.

2.) The average woman eats up to 2.2 Kg of lipstick in her lifetime.

3.) Some like dirty talks some don't. Not all women shy away and not all women are over-enthusiastic about it. It depends on what they want and what their personality is. It is as simple as that.

4.) Girls do not mind perverted conversations as much as they mind those words objectifying them. You might think that women have issues with perverted conversations, but it is not the conversation, but it your inconsiderate nature of objectifying them, looking at them as a mere vessel is what offends them.

fun facts about women

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5.) Do you know heels were from men back then? It came into trend for women when they mimicked the men who considered themselves masculine and powerful.

6.) Average women lie 3 times a day, which is half the times less than men.

7.) We like attention not because we are girls, but because attention, in general, makes everyone happy. Don't you feel happy when somebody makes you feel special? Then why must you associate gender roles with it? Happiness is for everybody.

8.) Effort and time is a deal sealer. If you show someone how much you care about them, they will obviously love you.

fun facts about women

9.) On an average a woman spends almost an year of their lives by thinking what to wear today.

10.) Infidelity is a deal-breaker. If you think leaving a woman for another woman is a romantic gesture, then you my friend have it all wrong.

11.) Not all girls are into gossiping. Some would rather steer clear of it.

12.) Almost always she might make her man fat by making or by ordering delicious food.

fun facts about women


13.) Thoughtfulness is the key to 90% of girls.

14.) A skirt speaks of a good character as does a Kurta. If you want to find humility, look for it in their eyes. Clothes have nothing in them.

15.) We like our coffee and whiskey strong. Women drink, some of them even more than men. Why? Because they like it. Whiskey producing brands are not solely targeting men. Duh!

16.) Swearing is something we do, not something that defines us. If we get angry, we speak it out. Saying a BC or an MC does not sum us up.

17.) We like giving advice and appreciate guidance too. Be it relationships or careers, both of them work!

18.) No, you do not understand feminism. It just does not mean women fighting, it means every woman is taking a stand and fighting for something that is rightfully hers but is denied to her.


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