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14 Superpowers Only Your Mother Have.

Date: 2020-12-27 12:02:59

By Manveen

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mother sidharth shukla

Who called mothers "mothers" and not "super-mothers"? and why were they not born with capes. Clearly, they all deserve noble prize for their service to their children. You know every agency rewards its employees with some perks and benefits, they get paid too but being a mother is an unpaid job yet our mothers do not complain and ace their roles. We would not work a day without a bonus but mothers do it all so unconditionally.

Here are 14 Superpowers Our Mothers Have:

1. You think you can double-cross them?

They will wait for you at the finish line. If you are one of those kids who still think they can outsmart their parents, listen buddy, your parents were your age once too. They have seen enough situations to understand when somebody is telling the truth and when they are not.

2. The best cooks in the world.

It is almost like the day you become a mother god also gives you another super power of being an amazing cook. It must be all that love that makes the food so wholesome.

3. Unconditional love.

How do they even do this?


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4. You lie, you die.

It should take an exceptionally dumb kid to even assume that they can fool their parents. Dear friend, you are just fooling yourself and nobody else.

5. "I came, I saw, I found it".

You can look for something a hundred times yet you will not be able to locate it when you need it. But the moment you call your mother she just magically makes it appear, like wow woman how do you do this!

6. Neat freaks!

Another trait every woman develops the moment she becomes a mother is super clean and neat. Look at all of us, we are such lazy clumsy humans. Bet our mothers were like this once too but damn look at them now!

Source: ebiopic

7. Canceller of all weekend plans.

You think you can plan a weekend outing with your friends without informing your mother? Haha, cute!

8. A stitch in time.

Mothers are punctual. They make it a point to make their children the same too. Don't believe us? Wake up early one day and look at all the mothers dragging their sleepy-sluggish kids to school in the morning with packet tiffin's and loaded school bags.

9. They know you, more than you know yourselves.

Because they gave birth to you. They invested their life in you.


10. High intuition levels!

Don't you think it is amazing when your mothers can sense that you are upset about something without even you telling them?

Source: ebiopic

11. Organizers of everything!

Neat freaks we tell you!

12. Curfew holders!

Simply because they can and how can we even question back? That woman gave birth to us!

13. Make us work hard.

Because she works hard every day to ensure that we get a good life.

14. Ensure a good life for us.

She does this all with no expectations or demands.


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