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14 Reasons Why Is It Better To Marry A Man Who Is Elder To You

Date: 2018-08-20 18:09:01

By Mansha

It's a proven fact that marrying an older man is much better and smarter move for many women. For me, it's always been a lesson from my family members who are married and experienced. They say a person of your same age would never be able to understand you because maturity level is different and their thinking skills are far behind than us.

So, here are some of the reasons that why is it better to marry an older man:

They are more experienced in life:

Older men have a better experience in the relationships. As they must have dated a few ladies before, they have knowledge about how to maintain the relationship and how to handle the situations better.


They are more intelligent:

They have better knowledge about the world around them in comparison to the younger people. They are well educated and they have always something good to teach you, its fun to be around them.


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They are well settled:

Every lady wants a man who is well settled and can promise her a secure future. No lady wants a life where her man is still trying to find his way of living, where he is still not sure about his future. In this case, the older man is well established and has better future plans.


He is more understanding:

He will understand you better; he will listen to your problems and will give you advice as a mature man. He will make sure that you come out of any problem safely and easily. Unlike, younger man, who himself doesn't know how to come out of his own problems; he takes everything lightly and goes with the shit flow.


They are well mannered and sophisticated:

They know how to be around your family, they pay more attention to their manners and the way they react in front of elderly people. They will make sure that you don't have to listen to anything against him because of him because he knows that he is the biggest asset for you. He is more sophisticated in every manner.


They are amazing at making conversations:

As I written earlier, they are more intelligent and experienced so for them making conversations with people are more interesting and inspiring. They know what they are saying and will stand up to it, unlike younger people who just speak to make his girl impressed by speaking nonsense about any topic. As they are good at making conversations, they are good listeners as well. They listen to their girl and will never stop you, even if you just bragging things out, he listens to you very carefully, this doesn't mean that he will agree with you all the time, if sometimes he feels that you are wrong, he will put his stand without any dramas. This is the best quality of older men.


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He is skillful in the bedroom:

He had his time to get experience in every manner. He knows how to make his lady happy and satisfied.


He has confidence in himself:

He is mature enough to understand that why you have chosen him and for him, jealousy never comes into the picture. Unlike, a younger man who is always jealous of your boy-friends.



They love you for who you are:

They love you for who you are not how you look, they love inside of you, unlike, a younger man who is just obsessed with looks. There is a say that, souls should be connected and for him that matters the most.


He makes you feel young:

He always trusts you in testing new things in life. He will be your partner in crime in everything you do. He can be as childish as you without any complaints.


He will motivate and inspire you:

He will motivate you for your goals and will never stop you from dreaming. He will make sure that you get what you want because you are and you will be a princess to him always.



He will never be afraid of commitments:

Younger men are always afraid of giving commitments to their ladies because they are so unsure and confused in life that older men are sorted in this scenario, they know what they want and they are sure about you.


He will never feel shy to show you to the world:

He loves you with all his heart and he will never get shy or scared of the world. He shows off you to the world without any doubts and full of love in his heart.


He makes life easy for you:

As he has gone through many things in life, he will never let you go through the same. He will be for you and beside you in every situation of your life as a pillar. He will protect you like a father and will love you like a great lover.


Every lady pictures a man who will be like her father, who protects her as a father and give a secure life like him. Older man perfect example of them, they do not just love you but they give their whole to you without expecting anything in return except love and lifelong of togetherness.

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