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13 Thoughts You Have When You Get A Pimple

Date: 2019-01-06 17:24:42

By Ritika

Our faces are all very pretty, we know but how could the universe ever work in our favor, right? That is why God gave birth to pimples. It is the devil of our dreams that visit us right after we wake up. Thoughts we have right after we see a pimple...

1. Wow, my occasional friend is here again.


You're the only loyal and uninvited friend I have, everyone else will leave after a point but you are going to be there, wow!

2. Chalo, let's try this 34220342349th cream to treat this.


Hmmm, so I have used half the Indian products and 3/4th of international ones but another one wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

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3. It's still here, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GOOOO?!


Uhhh, it's been 3 lakh years, come on now. Itna bhi atithi devo bhava nahi.

4. Pados waali aunty was right... I should wash my face at least 19 times a day.


I guess I should've taken that unnecessary advice that mom's friend was giving me. I'll drink loads of water and empty the entire tanker to wash my face now.

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5. Aloe Vera, come to my rescue or should I start collecting orange peels?


Grandma's home remedies or DIYs? Time to dig up. This is definitely going to work.

6. Is my digestive system okay? I know I shouldn't have eaten that pizza.


My stomach must be upset. That's the reason I'm carrying this volcano on my face.

7. EWWWW! What is this thing coming out of it?


Okay now, this is getting gross, nooo. Can't it just be calm and smooth like my mind and soul?!

8. How much is it going to hurt if I pop it?


I'm sure it wouldn't hurt that much if I pop it just a little, would it? It would make it magically disappear. But I've also heard that it spreads, this is so confusing.


9. The facial is going to help DEFINITELY.


This is what I saved up for, my entire 1000 bucks are going to be spent on this. AFTER: UGH it's still there, fresh as anything.

10. Arrey I'm a pro at makeup, we can get through this


Those Instagram famous celebs wouldn't also have skills as great as mine, huh.

11. I have a date tomorrow, bro please go away.


I beg you come on just go for one day, you can come back day after. Just go and take a stroll tomorrow.

12. Of course, here's a fresh new one waiting for me.


What is he going to say? That he came out with tomato, I'm dead.

13. I'm going to be the new roast of the group.


My friends are going to bring all their roasting skills to life today. And the day after that and the one after that because this is not going to go away, is it?!


Pimples haunt everyone and it's a long way to go so don't worry, it's absolutely okay. But don't forget to tell us what other thoughts you have or things people tell you when you get a pimple!

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