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13 Signs That Make You Realize - Winter Is Here

Date: 2018-12-07 11:08:56

By Ritika

Winter is here and along with sardi come a lot of other things. That amazing time of the when we get all cuddled up in our blankets and wake up shivering. The season of rainbow socks and beanies is here, here we have a list of thirteen things that are equivalent of winters!

1. Cold Cream

Dried up skin and the overflow of cold cream ads can only mean one thing- Winter Is Here. Always carrying a cold cream with you and the feeling of it on your skin is something typical to winter.


2. Sweaters

Ah, those mushy woollen sweaters. Winter fashion is a next level thing now and hunting for the best one that can keep you warm as well as trendy is a struggle. But the greatest struggle remains- finding it at the best prices because boy, they are expensive.


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3. Heater

Coming home to remove your shoes, socks and changing into those comfy pyjamas to sit in front of the heater for hoursss.


4. Cold Flooor!

Going to pee even is a struggle in winters. Getting down from the bed and putting your bare feet on the cold, super cold floor is a terrifying feeling. I'd do anything to just procrastinate and not getting up from my place.


5. Maggi

Garma garam maggi in winters tastes better than any five-star hotel's food. I don't know, it's like something magical happens to it and it becomes 10x tastier!


6. Garam garam chai

Having hot, steaming tea in the morning or in the tea breaks while the rest of the world is freezing.


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7. Sunlight

My mom used to drag me outside to just sit under the sun and because of her, I've associated winters with 'sardi ki dhoop' and it has just become a family thing now!


8. Bonfire

Every party in the winters HAS to come along with a bonfire and some marshmallows.


9. Gajar ka halwa

Waiting for the winters to come and constantly asking mom to bring home some carrots and having that delicious gajar ka halwa topped with kishmish and kaju after dinner, ahh!


10. Getting all cozied up in your bed

Sitting on the bed, tucked inside your blanket and not getting up till... forever. YKWIM.



11. Petroleum Jelly

Dry hands, dry lips, anything- Vaseline to the rescue!


12. Writing with frozen hands

The hands just seem to dysfunction and the fingers just freeze. So if you have an exam in the morning, you're basically dead.


13. Hot Showers

Either I won't take a bath, or there'll only be hot water and I won't come out for 192309 years.


Let's enjoy this winter season with some Sarson ka saag and Makke ki roti! Don't forget that blanket and don't forget that hot cup of tea.


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