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These 13 Absolutely True Struggles Every Girl Faces Very Frequently.

Date: 2018-03-09 13:27:28

By Raunak

We women are definitely ambitious but when it comes to what we wish for on a daily basis, it's not too much to ask for really. If you are women, you will surely relate to most of the points mentioned below. After all who knows these daily struggles of ours if not us!

1. At least one day when we know what to wear

We have all kinds of clothes for every kind of occasion, but when it comes to knowing what to wear tomorrow, we are absolutely clueless.

2. Your nail paint to dry perfectly

Every time you paint your nails with the expectations for it to dry perfectly but no! There has to be a war only at that exact time and BOOM there goes all your effort!

3. Talking of nail paints, you constantly wish for them to at least last a week

Chipped nail paints are the worse. They make you look shabby and give the impression that you don't take enough care of yourself. Ughh how do you make the world realize that it was just a day back that you battled with your nails to dry perfectly...only to receive this the next day.

4. Days when you don't have to wear a bra

You look forward to days when you don't have to walk out of your house, because who wants to cage up all the time? At least free the nipples at your home!

5. You overreact and cry, hoping that it's just PMSing

You want your sorry ass to be strong and not too week or sensitive. So anytime you overreact or cry over something, you just secretly pray that you can blame it on the PMS without feeling guilty.

6. You wish you find something perfectly matching

Occasion or no occasion, if ever you are on the lookout to find something matching with your attire, be it a scarf or new sandals, you just know it's never going to happen. "No, nope, never" is the new matching policy doing the rounds in the market these days.

7. The perfect winged liner...when in a hurry

Oops! That's called mission impossible. How stupid of you to even think that you could perfectly wing your liner in a hurry when you can hardly do so in patience?

8. Good hair days

Good hair days are always just a wish unless of course it's a lazy Sunday afternoon and you don't have to go anywhere. Talk about rebellion and there, your hair will teach you a lesson or two about non-compliance.

9. Less painful high heels

Come on, we all love high heels. Period. But...high heels don't love us as much. Is it just me or you all too wish for your high heels to be a little generous to you in a party? I find myself constantly wishing that I don't have to face the embarrassment to take them off while dancing.

10. Waxing dates to be in sync with the party dates

Those who shave, you can skip this point. Only those of us who wax know the pain of having a major event, 10 days after our waxing appointment. It's definitely not fun to play the beech ka bandar here. The tiny little hair are always the worst enemies.

11. Talking of waxing, we always wish our eyebrows to be symmetrical

Only the extremely lucky ones have the luxury of having their eyebrows look alike. For the rest of us, eyebrow uniformity is a dream, one that hardly ever comes true.

12. Unbreakable nails

If you like maintaining your nails, the worst fear of yours has to be the breaking of a nail. It also breaks your heart. You either have to cut them all up or have your hand look super ugly with 4 nails and 1 chopped. Only if unbreakable nails were a thing.

13. Smudge-proof kajal

That moment of horror when you rub your eyes and instantly regret because what if your kajal smudged and now you look like a dayan? Wish there was a provision of rubbing your eyes without having your makeup turn into a nasty kid.

Imagine with just these little things done right, our life could have been so sorted. But alas! All this remains to be wishful thinking, with only the rarest of rare having them done their way, the 'perfect' way. All the best women, we're in this together!
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