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12 True Signs You Are A Workaholic.

Date: 2021-03-11 10:32:49

By Ratika

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The strong-willed, backpack always on the go, plans laid out in the head, and zero fucks given, is that you mademoiselle workaholic?

A workaholic basically means someone who works excessively hard for long hours. Are you one of that species? Let's check it out:

1. The ultimate goal of workaholics: Conquering the whole world.

What most people fail to understand about you is that you have a fire within that has driven you to this edge that they do not burn with. What inspires you is your own ultimate goal and you would not stop unless the throne is yours.


2. The Journey.

Most people fail to understand that the journey to your goal need not be happy, it is okay if it sucks as long as you are headed towards it. Whilst others failed to understand it you learned and accepted this fact by heart and would not stop at any hurdle, comes whatever may!


3. The Grind.

There is something about waking up till odd hours to make your ends meet that you love. If somebody deprives you of the hustle, you don't feel the same way about yourself.


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4. Extra-extraordinary work they do.

Just the word "extra" makes all the difference between you and the ordinary. You do not mind going the extra mile to get what you want.


5. Sorry, but workaholics do not compromise.

Be it artistic integrity or sheer determination, but you just cannot make do with whatever is thrown your way, you need everything top-notch. Blame it on the OCD if you want, but this is what it is.


6. Tragic Social Life.

Whosoever said that we cannot have it all was utterly right. Whilst, we may win some battles somewhere down the line your social life suffers. You do not chill out as much as your peers do but that has never been a reason to worry about for you.



7. Not much Peer pressure.

When kings won kingdoms, some of them accepted them, but some showed resistance just the same as that when you are set on your mission to conquer the world, some admire you but some also turn against you. Mostly it is your own friends threatened by your success and whence they start distancing from you.


8. Zero Fucks Given.

But guess what, none of it has stopped you or ever will and why should it anyway?


9. The love for agony.

It often becomes difficult for you to explain to people that your idea of fun revolves around your desks and that you like working extra, putting in extra effort.


10. Part of lifestyle: Struggle.

The struggle should be acknowledged as your life because you do not trust things when they come easy. The more complex a situation the more it excites and inspires you.


11. Mental Health.

As much as you like to believe that you are made of steel, but you still cannot change your skin and bones and find yourself in unstable mental states.


12. The reward.

When you put yourself out there against everybody, fighting some superficial wars which at times does become tiresome, but then when you reep the results and the ecstasy it feels like, makes it all worth it. You would get through it all over again without any second thoughts.


Have we left out more? Please do share with our community in the comment section.


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