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12 Things That You Relate To When You Are Next In The Line For Marriage

Date: 2018-08-16 16:28:24

By Mansha

As soon as girls turn 23, people start saying us, you are old get married now and then people poke their noses into your lives very easily and act as if how concern are they for you as if the world is ending, before that they want us to see married and settled. And because of them, we too start thinking about the same. They literally have a full hand in diverting our minds.

Really, what the heck?

Things you can relate to if you are next to your family:

Relatives keep sending you the pictures of boys:

Say, your aunty sends you a photo of her "Nanad ka ladka" and tries her best to set you with that guy by keep telling you all good things about him, like, how good he is playing golf or how well he is doing in his work.

These aunties I tell you.


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Giving you tips about cooking:

Almost all your relatives start giving you numbers of the best cooking classes because now you should learn. They are more concern about your cooking skills rather than seeing if you are ready for it or not.


Keep taunting about your weight:

They see you eating GOL GAPPAS at a wedding; they will come to you especially from one corner to another, to say, KAISE SHAADI HOGI TERI.


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You keep thinking about your future husband:

When you are free and have nothing to do, you think about how will he be or how will he look or if he is someone you know. Only aunties to be blamed for this because they forced these thoughts into our minds. RIGHT GIRLS?


Constantly worrying about his city:

You are more worried about changing your city than your marriage; you keep thinking about, what if, he will be from the different city. Even though, you have no idea, who is he and where is he. Again aunties should be blamed for this.


People keep asking you about your future plans:

No matter where are you, marriage-birthdays-even in death anniversaries, people will keep asking you what's your plan now beta, have you thought about getting married? NO, I didn't.

You will start thinking about your wedding lehenga:

Because now, when you know you are next, you start planning about your wedding outfit (because for us, that matters the most), you keep cutting those pictures from magazines or saving pictures from your Instagram and Facebook.

Your mother starts preparing for your dressing sense:

You love to sit in your Pyjamas but now, your mother keeps telling you to develop this habit of wearing jeggings so that you can be well dresses after your wedding. LIKE SERIOUSLY?

Your siblings start teasing you:

Your sibling starts teasing you about Rishtas and keeps reminding you that next is you and even when you all plan for any family getaway, they say, this might be your last vacation with us. YES, BECAUSE AFTER MARRIAGE I WILL BE LIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS.



Your parents treat you like a princess:

No matter what you ask for, they will make sure that you get that because now time is coming near. And sometimes, they even get sentimental.


Your siblings start planning your room:

They start thinking, which will get your room after your marriage because they were waiting for this day so that they can get your room.


And, your friends keep teasing about the same:

The family is family but friends are more stupid than them. They won't leave any occasion to embarrass you and reminding you that your good days are about to get over.



So, a girl is it only me or you to experience all this craziness. If yes, comment down and let us know how are you being tortured.

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