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12 Ridiculous Things That Make Indians Angry.

Date: 2019-08-27 11:04:34

By Mansha

Those killer looking eyes on your way of judgmental and nosy people around you, who find it entertaining to meddle in our lives. Yes, we are talking about such people around us, who have different ground rules of living in this country and society.

Their way of thinking and doing stuff is different from us and that's the reason they get easily offended by various things, which people do around them and especially the youth.

Today I am here to tell you such things which easily offends the Indians and please, don't take it to your heart as I have no intentions to hurt anyone's feelings.

Here are the things which make Indians angry:

Smoking publicly:

We get it, smoking kills and smoking openly at someplace is not allowed, but that doesn't mean, you will judge the people based on their smoking habits because smoking doesn't make you a bad person or a spoiled brat. It's a choice, which people are free to choose.


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Bikini pictures posted on social media:

Wearing a bikini in other countries is as normal as wearing any other type of clothes, but in India, we tag a women with "not so gharelu ladki" and people look as if she has killed someone.


Girls paying in a restaurant:

Guys get offended when girls demand to split the bill as if, they have owned us, but not anymore because girls can earn too and they love their self-respect as you do.


Wife earning more than her husband:

Why is it such a big issue? She is working as hard as her husband, but she is not letting that money come in between their love, so, why guys let that topic come in between and make every perfect thing into disaster?


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A kiss in the public:

Guess what? We can pee in the open, but a kiss is TAUBA-TAUBA for some Indians. Don't you think, now it is is the time to change the thinking to provide an open-minded culture to our future kids?


Breastfeeding in public:

That's the most natural phase that every new mother and an infant go through. So, why to look that disgustingly instead of supporting the mothers by smiling at them and let them know you are proud of them.


A girl hanging out with guys:

They get offended when a girl hangs out with more than one guy because according to them, she is a shame to her parents and society.


Who is "Sachin Tendulkar":

If you want to offend the Indians then just ask them, "Who is Sachin Tendulkar?" Mark my words; they will never see your face again.



When you decline their invitations:

People get busy sometimes, but our society easily gets offended and work on their own assumption that the person is not interested or has a lot of ego.


When you are 25 but single:

Indians have the habit about getting people married and when you refuse their offers of getting married immediately after turning 25, they get offended.


Girls staying out till late at night:

If a girl is partying or staying out till late at night, people get offended for their behavior as according to them, ACHE GHAR KI LADKIYAN RAAT KO BAHAR NAHI NIKALTI.


Visibility of bra strap:

Okay, people, it's okay if a girl's strap shows up and you don't have to feel embarrassed about it as we wear it every day and it makes us uncomfortable when you stare us with "not so decent eyes."


Though we don't give a damn about who thinks what, but people, it is time to change your way of looking at things.

Live and let live...


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