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15 Things A Girl Do Which Irritates Her Guy.

Date: 2019-09-16 14:54:15

By Mansha

Men and women are opposites, if one would say to go to the North, another one would say South and this is the reason, their thoughts are way different from each other but love has no boundaries.

In the essence of love, everything becomes easy and sacrifices seem like nothing, but still, there are times when they get irritated from each other. Irritated from each other habits or the way of living life, but that doesn't mean love ends, instead, love grows with time as irritable habits of the partners become an important part of life. Am I right, people?

There are many reasons that a girl does which irritates her guy and today we have come with such a list of things:

1. Hide and lies can never go with the guys:

You choose to hide something from your guy, you are gone.
You choose to lie something from your guy, you are surely gone.

Or maybe, he is gone forever! Obviously, who likes the atmosphere where someone is neglected or never had felt important? If this situation arises with us girls, we too will not like it.


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2. "I am fine" card:

When a girl is not fine, she would definitely use these words because she would want you to read her mind, whereas, a guy would try to make it simple by asking, what is bothering her and when a girl doesn't answer straight then the guy will lose his cool and get irritated easily.


3. When a girl acts dumb cum ignorant:

And when it comes to guys, whether they are fine or not, girls LOVE to ignore guy's emotions as if nothing happened.
The answer to this behavior is still unknown, but we girls do. Does anybody have an answer?


4. When she can't take her stand:

Guys hate this kind of attitude of the girls when they can't take her own stand and have a meaningful conversation (not for the sake of just saying it) while debating with someone, and while they are the best when it comes to arguing with their boyfriend's.


5. When she takes too long to get ready:

We all know, a guy needs only a few minutes to get ready, but a girl needs hours (or maybe days) to look her best. The problem comes when he has to wait for you till you are all-ready in your best attire. He feels annoyed about you take ages to get ready.


6. Endless shopping:

Guys are easy, they will buy what they came to buy, but a girl would buy that she never thought of buying. As girls like to walk around every brand and then she will choose what she should buy but in this confusion, the guy is preparing himself to get erupted on his girl.


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7. When you ask, "am I looking fat":

Every girl has a habit of asking, if she is looking fat because she is concerned about her looks every time and when she would ask her guy to be sure, he feels irritated about you being under-confident about your looks as he loves you for what you are and in his eyes, you are perfect and beautiful.


8. Texting too much:

The guy gets frustrated when a girl asks too many questions. Ask logical questions, have a meaningful conversation, why do you want to flood your unnecessary questions


9. Trying to control his life with friends:

Guys have no friends, they have brothers and when a girl tries to stop or snatch his time from him for his friends, they get annoyed and it affects a relationship with you.


10. Talking while he is watching cricket:

Cricket is every guy's first love and when a girl speaks or tries to have a conversation during the match, they get irritated because they feel distracted.



11. Taunting:

Girls have a habit of taunting on things, which had happened days ago like, coming home late from the office a week ago and guys hate it when girls do that.


12. When you say no to PDA:

They have only one way to show the love and that is by showing physical attraction, but for girls, they feel to be distant sometimes and when they stop their guys for having PDA, they get annoyed about being stopped.


13. Your sudden mood swings:

Yes, guys do feel weird when you have your mood swings because they have no idea, how to make you feel better and in this frustration, they get annoyed about being clueless.


14. When you are double-minded about dinner:

Girls can never choose a place for dinner because they would want to eat everything from everywhere and in this confusion; every guy goes through the phase where he feels like to bang his head on the wall.


15. Your deadline to reach back home:

No guy wants his girl to leave him and go, but when you have a deadline set by your family, they feel blue about being distant to you and this makes them irritated as hell because they want you to be with them forever.


Girls, make a note and work on it to make them less annoyed.


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