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12 Reasons Why Delhi People Are The Real S For Savage

Date: 2018-08-19 16:19:00

By Mansha

Delhi is famous for its street shopping and the people living in the city. Their attitude is one thing, which a tourist can never forget once they interact with them. They are uncontrollable and totally live their lives a king size.

There are 12 reasons, which tell that Delhi people are real savage and live a thug life:

1. "Jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai":

They don't care, whose mistake was it, once the heated argument gets started "jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai" will definitely come into the picture and the heat will only grow afterward.


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2. "Gaadi Aaj Tera bhai chalayega":

It doesn't matter how drunk are they but "gaddi toh tera bhai hi chalayega", they feel more self-assured after drinking or after totally getting sloshed.


3. "Delhi se hun BC":

Wherever Delhi people go, they leave their signs there; people will remember them as an entertainment.


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4. "Bhai job nahi lag rahi, koi jugaad hai":

We simply live on Jugaads and approaches, not able to find a suitable job, our uncle would be the head of something-something and bingo, and we will get a fantastic job.


5. "Bhai club mein entry karwa de":

In every group, we have at least one friend who has known people in every second club and lounges. THUG LIFE


6. "BHAI 40% aaye hai, CHAL DAARU PEETE HAI":

They don't give a damn about mark sheets; they just care about their degrees. Doesn't matter if it is 40% or 90%.



7. "Abey ooo, dekhke chala":

A simple collision with another vehicle can be one of a big deal for Delhi people; it can start from a heated argument and end at the nearest police station.


8. "Vo dekh teri bhabhi jaa rahi hai":

A girl doesn't even know that she is a bhabhi to several men there and she is already a wife too.


9. "Aaj to murthal jayenge Paranthe khane":

We go to Murthal as we are planning to go to a park for a walk. Yes, it's that simple for us. SAVAGE.



10. "Drive pe chale?"

We just love to go on a long drive with loud music and killer attitude. Music would be so loud that even Mumbai would be able to listen to it.


11. "ABS dekh abs":

Girls are no less in checking guys out though they don't behave like those animals she is definitely no less.


12. "Delhi apni hai bhai, tu bol toh dulhan ki tarah sajah dun":

We dance on roads or celebrate every occasion as if "Delhi toh baap ki hai". Bhai ki shaadi, Delhi ko dulhan ki tarah saja do.


Delhi people live a life king size. They don't believe in protocols, they believe in themselves. But "Delhi bhi dil walo ki hai". We welcome people with open arms and big hearts, we also believe in unity and brotherhood (sometimes) but once a delhite, always a delhite.

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