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12 Reasons Why I Hate Exams.

Date: 2019-07-21 17:26:05

By Priyanshi

Pressure, frustration, crying, panicking & anxiety - all that in a loop is what a student goes through when exams are nearing. Life is supposed to be lived happily right, then why entertain such negative feelings? Because if that's what exams give us, we don't want it. Here are 12 reasons why every student hates examinations:


1. You get sleep-deprived and start overeating or eating nothing.

Sleep deprivation results in unfocused behavior and one either overeat or doesn't eat it all. Either way, it's bad. Plus, for sleep lovers, it's quite a big commitment to give time to books.

Source: Giphy

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2. You need to stock up on what keeps you awake!

Caffeine, yes, basically running on coke, coffee or sugar! I mean, I don't want to drink all this to keep myself awake, I'd rather have them and sleep peacefully, no?

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3. Anxiety shows.

You get so anxious that you fear you'll go blank or that your hand will shake. And all your efforts will go to waste.

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4. We can't watch the new season of our favorite show.

Say bye to Netflix until the last examination! *sobs* The pain is real.

Source: Giphy

5. You get done before it starts.

You've been studying so much that you're already tired and you can't wait for them to get over and sleep in peace. You sleep cycle is fc*cked and everything annoys you.

Source: Giphy

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6. You either gain weight or lose terribly.

I mean there are two ways out of it. During exams, you either sit and study thus your weight increases or stress too much that it starts losing.

Source: Giphy

7. Before you give up, your pen gives up.

Everybody has a point where they themselves don't understand their handwriting and it's painful to even hold that poor pen.

Source: Giphy

8. You feel like a loser all the time.

To top it, you have others to remind you that you're a failure in life. Wow, much motivation!


9. You feel helpless and lost.

That moment when the exam timetable comes out and you start cursing everybody. They anyway have crushed your self-esteem and now you're totally lost and don't know where to start.



10. You start praying.

Lol, all the atheists out there, remember you praying for a miracle to happen right before and after the exam? You hate doing it but guess what God has a way out of everything.

Source: Giphy

11. You have to call millions of acquaintances for doubts.

It's so annoying to call people because you're so helpless and don't know shit. You realize the importance of listening in class now.

Source: Giphy

12. You love cursing about how exams are nerving you to your friends.

You call them every hour to ask them where they've reached and you go on to curse about how they are dealing with exams and how it's totally an unnecessary thing.


Yes, we get it. But our educational system is this. You have to learn that some things are not broken but built that way. All the best for who is going through this. We feel you.


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