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12 Problems Only Rich Girls Have.

Date: 2020-12-03 17:00:53

By Manveen

If you do not understand irony, then this article is definitely not for you. Rich girls have problems of their own, heck rich people, in general, have problems too. You rant about your daily bread and butter, as they do about their crepes and croissants as well, stop shaming rich people. They are dealing with a hell of their own.

Here are 12 problems only rich girls have:

  1. Dating.
  2. If you think rich girls have it all easy and that your dating life is a wreck because you are poor, here we have their problems. If they date a richer guy they are called gold diggers. After getting married to a rich guy's family, then girls have to follow things of the guy' family's choice. You can be in love with anybody but they face sour comments from people.

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  3. Can't buy cheap products:
  4. Even if they wanted to, even if they are better than the expensive ones, still they can't, because then what the society will say? #Eww

  5. Yoga:
  6. Oh no, most of them don't even love doing it, but they do it because the Bollywood divas do it and rich people follow the footprint of Bollywood divas.

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  7. Class-ist.
  8. Being class consciousness is an inherent trait but with inherent shaming and public image handling and doing the world well, how can you shame somebody for their tacky Af dress or comment on their cheap shoes?

  9. Career options.
  10. How do you make more money than you already have? Or why should you make more money when you already have so much money? How do you go to work as an assistant when you spend the same amount of money on your birthday then you will draw after one month of hardship and struggle?

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  11. Fashion industry.
  12. At first fashion did seem like a good career option because why not, Dior, Prada, Chanel sounds so fabulous but if only anybody would have informed them about endless hours spent on deciding a mood board or taking a designer's shit?

  13. Hairstyle.
  14. The moment their highlights start wearing off or their hair's natural colour is more prominent than the dyed one, it is another issue altogether to think about which colour next. A colour that will go with their wardrobe but it should not be basic, a colour which will be exclusive but not too funky either. Oh, the dilemma.

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  15. Vacations.
  16. Now that getting a visa is not that difficult and everybody is struck with wanderlust and globe-trotting which is the most exotic place to go to where there is a lesser crowd? Should they rent a villa there or buy an island? Which one do you suggest?

  17. Nails.
  18. If you have ever got your nails done, only then will you know the commitment you need to give in for such a thing and now imagine one of them chipping off? That means hours in the salon all over again.

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  19. Food.
  20. With Zomato Gold how do you decide a place is still an "IT" thing and has not become massy yet? How do you find a place without the middle class talking there and only the rich drinking toast to capitalism's health?

  21. Exclusivity.
  22. Due to Instagram and the internet in general, rarity and exclusivity are very difficult to maintain. With everything having either a DIY or a five-minute hack, how long can rich people's stuff just be theirs and not massy?

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  23. Too much money
  24. In the end, what do you do with all that money? Spend on some of the above listed luxuries, right?


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