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2023 Easiest New Year Resolutions You Can Make.

Date: 2022-12-03 13:13:43

By Abhishek


When I was a teen I remember how confusing it was to think for a resolution for the next year and the most difficult phase was not about finding the resolution, it was, how to implement (your first resolution for 2023, read the first note) it throughout the year.

You must had have promised yourself to start gymming or have promised yourself to get a girlfriend/boyfriend but ended up empty-handed, right? (Just like me, hard luck :-P).
However, it's not going to happen this year. This year you and I will "kar har maidaan fateh and then "hum sab milke rock kar denge".

After taking some hours in thinking, I have got you some points which will help not let us break our resolutions because "it's everyday people".

1. Rather than saying "I will be going on a diet in 2023", just promise yourself that you will eat healthy balanced meals everyday throughout the year.


Not like this!

2. Rather than Promising yourself to meet your relatives often, just take a resolution that you will text/reply their messages on your WhatsApp group.


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3. Instead of promising yourself that you will make some new friends to improve your social life, just promise yourself to give importance to your already made friends, make them feel special.


4. Instead of promising yourself by saying 'I will learn how to cook food this year', just promise that you will learn how to make round chapattis and then the other food in the making.

Take one step at a time.


5. Promise yourself to work for yourself so that at the end of the month you can help the person who needs help (in whichever way possible). This will even help you to work harder.

There is no great happiness than helping the needy.

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6. Instead of saying "I will quit smoking and drinking (which you know will be difficult initially)", try saying "I will half the consumption from 2023", which eventually will make you stop drinking and smoking.

7. Instead of thinking to settle down soon this year because Ab mere baski nahi hai approach karna, just grab the courage and say him/her what your heart has stashed for so long (my personal advice, just do it before it's too late).


8. Instead of promising yourself to get those Gucci Shoes, promise yourself to clean your wardrobe first, atleast once in a month.


9. Sharing your life tensions with your family and friends is pretty cool, but just make a rule and promise yourself that you too will ask them their whereabouts, whether everything is cool or not (No, I am not being gloomy, it's just about the care).

10. Promising yourself to take a switch from the job this year, sounds cool, right? Naah, maybe a bad idea. How about asking your boss for an appraisal?



11. Instead of making 3 or 4 alarms, just promise yourself to not snooze your alarm and wake up before the second alarm plays.



Now to follow these resolution, you certainly need to make your brain stronger, make some life rules (if you have not) > implement the rules, and by rules I mean whichever rules you have made, whether going on diet, getting promotion or how to get a proposal from her; just plan out things in an order and start taking small steps in the direction, there is no point in aiming for those aggressive plans which you know will be difficult to achieve.


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