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11 Ways How To Attract A Girl In Parties Or Weddings.

Date: 2019-07-02 11:39:02

By Mansha

All this while men have been thinking that how to attract all those beautiful girls towards them? And let me tell you I have seen many men trying bad and creepy approaches to have them because of which rather than getting attracted towards them, they decide to run away from them.

To all the men out there, have you tried your best to attract that girl in a saree from the wedding or that beautiful girl in a red dress, but they ignored you? If yes, then today you have landed on the correct post because I will tell you the right approaches to woo them in the first try...

Don't approach her with a drink:

Many men think that by offering a drink, a girl would be all over him, but sorry for breaking your bubble guys, she won't think about you like the way you want her to. So instead of offering her a drink, convince her to have a conversation with you like a friend. Yes, approach to her like a friend, extend a hand of friendship.


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Talk about her:

Stop overdoing yourself focus on her. Talk about her hobbies or maybe her life, but don't dig too much into her personal space.


Don't interrupt:

Learn to listen, guys, let her finish her sentence and then put your side of thoughts. Don't break her thoughts just because you want to prove yourself. That won't help you to get her.


Learn to be confident:

Many guys just smile with his stupid grin while she speaks about herself. Listen to her, but confidently, keep nodding or give her a charming smile rather than smiling like a creep.


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DO NOT check her out:

Don't be a creep by staring her like a hungry dog. Make her feel comfortable.


Keep eye contact:

Yes, girls fall for guys who are good in keeping eye contact. See directly into her eyes when she speaks and you will see the magic yourself.


Maintain the rhythm while speaking:

Girls don't like those awkward pauses. Try to maintain the flow of words and make the conversation lively and interesting.



Offer to have dinner with you:

Guys, every other boy offers a drink, but convince her to have dinner with you and chat over the delicious feast. Trust me, there is a high chance of building a great bond with her.


Make her laugh:

When you feel that the base of comfort has developed then take the next step, make her laugh. And please don't crack those stupid ones because girls do fall for humor. So show her your best humor and win her.


A step of asking for it:

After winning her as a friend, take the next step of asking her about her contact details. Be gentle about it and ask for it with a warm and friendly smile.



Say "see you soon:"

While leaving, say "see you soon" rather than a simple "good-bye" because that shows you are interested to know more about her.


Happy attracting gentlemen!!! Do share your experiences with us...

Until next time, sayonara!!

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