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Here Are 10 Winter Problems Which Every Girl Will Relate To, Happily Or Sadly, You Decide.

Date: 2019-09-02 16:00:21

By Manveen

Here comes the new season and new problems follow. The chilled winters are sometimes okay, but can't we have one problem-free season ever? Summers suck, as do winters. Fall is short and spring is dry, what else is left for me to do but only cry?

As winters are approaching, here are 10 winter problems every girl faces in this season:

1. Chapped lips.

Maybe lip cuts are sexy, but how do you define your lips when the whole of it is cut? It's the season to carry your lip balm everywhere.

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2. Dry hands.

Not just lip balm, but applying moisturizer ten times daily. This affects boys too, but do they care? Obviously not! But sadly we do, sigh!

3. Dullness all over.

Almost as if Mourning Myrtle from Harry Potter cam to our lands and exploded. Why is it so gloomy? Why are our faces gloomy? Where are you sun? Come and shine on us!


4. What do I do with my summer clothes?.

The season has to stop being so inconsiderate and take our consent into consideration before deciding to change. It has got to take some responsibility. Has the season no idea about all the off-shoulder tops I hoarded from H&M in the sale and what of my Zara shorts? What are we supposed to do with our summer clothes now?

5. Red nose.

It might sound like a joke, but if it only were nothing but just a joke. Even if it was a joke, it still is not a funny one. Not just moisturizer but you have to carry tissues for your running nose all the time. Well, if not you, your nose is at least running.


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6. Dry hair and I do care.

Of course, we do care, caps and all are cute but got to cure this cancer of dry hair, please ya!


7. Amazon level growth.

It can also be considered as an advantage to some because you don't need to shave or wax in winters. However, the pain of getting waxed once the sun shines again, oh Lord, give us strength for that!


8. Extra clothing.

Layering is one thing, but walking out of your house in not less than six to seven layers of clothing is not fun either. You look like a walking suitcase.



9. Feet what?.

The fact that you are wearing socks throughout the day makes you ignorant towards the feet and winters make them dry and the l=sight of them at night when you take off your socks is not a nice one. At all!

10. Scarves and layering is all fun till you have to use a public washroom.

Layering sounds fun till fashion bloggers are doing it, but did they ever mention how they manage public washrooms in that clothing that too in India?


Winters don't come so soon. We are not missing you at all. Chill bro!


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