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10 Ways By Which You Can Tell Your Best Friends Forever That They Mean A Lot To You

Date: 2019-02-02 18:06:38

By Mansha

You can count on me and I'll be there,
And I know when I need you, I can count on you and you'll be there,
'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah...

"Best friends forever", we all use this phrase more often then we think. When someone asks us about the bonding we have with our "so close friends" we say he or she is my best friend yaa...
But when it comes to express our feelings towards them that they mean a lot to you and I love you stuff, we often feel like "so cheesy" but sometimes we wish to tell them but we can't say through our words "kyunki dosto ko itni izzat ki aadat kaha hoti hai".

Today I have come with the ways through which you can tell them that you love them without using cliche words...

Go on a movie date:

Take them for a movie treat, watch out a genre which he or she like and even though you don't like that genre, still for the sake of them watch it and laugh with them when necessary.


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Treat them over a portion of good food and drinks:

Take them out for good food and great drinks and DON'T forget to pay for it. Trust me, they will immediately reciprocate the love because we all know when it comes to money, no one can cry better than them.


Send good food to their house:

Send food to their place, by food I mean their favorite cuisine or type of dish. AGAR PATI KA PYARR PET SE GUZARTA HAI TOH DOST KA BHI PET SE HI GUZARTA HAI...


Buy them what they need:

And most of the times, they need either alcohol or hookah so pay for it. They will spend thousands of rupees on their branded clothes but when it comes to the party with alcohol, they will show you their best tears.


Listen to their endless dramas:

Without complaining listen to their endless dramas and over-acting kinds of stuff, listen to them when they cry about a breakup or just about being hungry af.


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Celebrate their success:

Celebrate their every success irrespective of big or small because an achievement is a success and let them know at every step that best is yet to come. In short, motivate them to be better.


Compliment them:

I can totally get it that too much of compliments get it on their heads because of which they dance like a monkey on our heads but compliment them occasionally which would also make them feel gleeful about the fact that you care what they do with their lives.


Try to find a suitable match for them:

After all, they only cry for one thing most of the times and that is "Ladka yaa ladki dilwa do yarr". Set them up with a good person and trust me; they will owe you their everything for the rest of your life.



Plan an adventure trip:

Plan a good trip where you both can enjoy the nature and good sports, that will not only help you to spend some time together but also he or she will thank you later for giving them the best memories for a lifetime.


Tag them on memes:

By this, they will know that you have them on your mind every time and they mean something to you.


Actions speak louder than words. Why to always show love to our partners or family, friends also deserve it because they are the ones who have made our life less boring and more exciting and brighter.


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