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10 Types Of Aunties You Will See At Kitty Parties.

Date: 2019-08-24 14:35:16

By Mansha

Kitty parties are the best way for aunties to have a break from their routine family life. They gather together, share their problems, worries, play games and laugh till the stomach hurts.

Have you ever been to the kitty party of your moms? If yes, you already know what happens there because whatever happens in a kitty party, stayed at the kitty party.

There are many types of aunties there and everyone has their own style, today I have come with the different types of aunties, you will see at every kitty party...

Bitching aunty:

The one who loves to bitch about everything happening around her. Be her neighbors or random people, she heard of. In short, she is the one who spread rumors...


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The one who keeps on complaining about the food:

She never likes the quality of food because of which she keeps on bragging about how another place is far better than this one. Yes, she is never satisfied when it comes to food.


Nosy aunty:

They love to meddle in people's lives and giving their suggestions without asking for it. They are the ones, who keep on asking, "What was the results of your child".


Fashionable aunty:

You would always see her with new trending clothes. She can never be out of fashion; she would be the first one to wear those new jeans or t-shirt, once it is out at the showroom.


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Show-off aunty:

She is the one who keeps on bragging about her expensive bags and diamonds.


The one who hates her daughter-in-law:

This type of aunties, only bitch about their DIL's, how irresponsible she is or how she has snatched her son away? She hates her and makes sure that her friends know about it.


Selfie queen:

She has taken the responsibility to take her pictures from every angle with every member of the kitty to let her Facebook friends know about it because "what's the point of coming out if you don't click pictures to post". Yes, this is her mantra.


The one with crazy poses:

She can beat even the youngsters at posing. She is a pro at pouting, her side angles are hot and her every pose is different because she is the queen of poses. KUCH SEEKHO AAJ KI LADHIYON...



The chiller aunty:

This type of aunty is a favorite of all because she doesn't give any damn about gossips, bitching or anything else but creating a good aura around her. She makes the best of the jokes and makes sure everyone laughs along with her. With kids, she can turn into one and with adults; she can be in their group. She is the BEST...


The matchmaking aunty:

She comes to the kitty with only one motive, AAJ TOH KISI KA RISHTA LEKAR YAA DEKAR JAUNGI. She only speaks of other member's children and if they are ready to get married. If yes, oh boy, she would open her personal shaadi.com right in front of you.


The kitty party is an entertainment channel of its own because all you can see is, madness, madness, and madness.


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