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10 Things You Can Do At Your Wedding

Date: 2019-01-07 18:13:26

By Manveen

Call it a to do list or a bucket list before marriage, there must be something that you have in your head. If you ask us honestly, marriage in itself is one chit out of a bucket list. Congratulations to you for accomplishing this one.Kudos!

But coming back to the topic, ten things you should or want to do at your wedding are:

1.) Get drunk or atleast a slight.

The pressure is going to be overwhelming and all that but see you or your dad either one of you are paying for this whole taam jhaam including all the daaru so if you have a good imported brand, make the most out of it. Get sloshed, mate!


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2.) Smile as much.

Genuinely or not but if one thing is certain is that you will smile a lot. Internet and its optimism is one thing but the long list of relative's and all the thank you's and fake smiles will be another.


3.) Dance on the DJ.

If there is one question that we have to ask all the brides and the grooms then that is, how do you all manage to sit on the sofa's when the DJ plays Kala Chashma, how even?
Aise moksh kaise prapt hua?
Paise de rahe ho Dj ke, nach lo.


4.) Take as many photos.

With all your family and friends under one roof, perfect lighting and not to forget to mention the fact about the million bucks that you look like, have to make the most out of it.


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5.) Acknowledge everybody.

Because first, hashtagsanskaar.
Second, how bad would it be to go to somebody's wedding and not be acknowledged properly? Quite awful.


6.) Eat properly.

The clothing, rites, ceremonies and all that can be exhausting but the shaadi food is the best food and when it is your own money out there then make the most of it.


7.) A good dance.

Christians have a proper bride and groom dance but we desi's do not and for the namesake we make the bride and groom perform but one must have a properly prepared all hearts and flowers dance.



8.) Photo session worth all the likes.

Apart from all the candids and fake candids, one proper shoot with all the beautiful decoration that screams wedding.


9.) Play nostalgic memorable videos.

There should be something to remember the good old days, too, ain't that right?


10.) Open mic standup.

But so that it does not very teary and the fun remains intact, there should always be room for jokes. Desi uncles and sassy aunties and the never-ending jokes.



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