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10 Things Students Do Before The Exam.

Date: 2021-01-18 13:15:15

By Manveen

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It is the exam season and if you are reading this, we hope that you would have completed your syllabus because if not, then are you going to copy/paste this article there? Not that we mind but we do not think CBSE or the Indian Examination/ Indian Academic institution actually care about the things students do.

Here are 10 Things Students Do Before The Exam:

1. Contemplate their own actions.

"Why do I do this?" "Why was I not paying attention in the class?" "Why do I do this to myself every time?" "When will I ever learn from my mistakes?" "I should have studied earlier"and other such one-sided conversations we have in our heads with ourselves.


2. Procrastinate.

You know it has a lot to do with the exam season, not spring or anything but only exams. Staring at the ceiling or a blank wall becomes so interesting during this time of the year, we just cannot explain it. All year long we do not even notice the walls and the ceiling. It is like flowers grow in spring, interest starts growing on blank ceilings and walls.

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3. Call their friend.

In times of despair, we retort to our loved ones hoping that they are as miserable as us in life. Together, we shall fight this misery. It is sad to think you will fail but when you know your friend is going to fail too, you kind of become okay with failing too.

4. Procrastinate part 2.

Once you speak to your friend, you sit and contemplate that the two of you fit so correctly. You really did find your soul mate. There is somebody else out there who is as willing s you to jeopardize their future. Wow!

day before exam

5. Seek help from anybody possible.

Randomly message people asking them for notes? Yes. You do not even know that person's full name but in need of help, slide into everybody's

6. Debate on the class group.

Amid all this, somebody will get an idea of asking the school/ college to cancel the exam. Because why not! We all know somebody like that. Every class has somebody like this. Why? Are you PM's daughter or son? Or are you a cow that everybody should do as you please?


7. Planning & plotting.

Now that you have realized you cannot complete your syllabus, you start dividing the important topics so that at least you secure passing marks.

8. Cheat Codes.

Then we plan on preparing nuclear weapons. How many to make and where to find them!

day before exam

9. Plan B.

But what if you get caught? You need somebody else on the plan as well or another way that is more effective. Have you tried using currency notes as cheat codes? Thank us later.

day before exam

10. Pray to God.

When all else fails, faith helps us overcome every difficult situation. Every time, every year, we thank god for helping us pass those exams we never thought we could have.


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