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After Reading These 10 Mysterious Things About Girls, You Will Get More Confused!

Date: 2019-07-25 14:56:37

By Priyanshi

There seems to be a lot of mysteries about women and a few things they do. Well, here you go with those myths and I will simplify it and make it easier for you guys to understand them, ladies, honestly it's not that difficult.

1) The mystery of taking along a wing woman while going to the washroom.

Every guy in this world has questioned two girls going to the washroom together and I think they do so because they have a lot of accessories like a purse and other things to take care of because of which they need someone to hold it for them while they use the washroom. Pretty simple actually, if you come to think about it.


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2) Bigger the sadness, larger the ice cream tub, why always ice cream?

It's actually scientifically proven that eating ice cream really does make you happy. Scientists have found that a spoonful of the cold stuff lights up the same pleasure center in the brain as winning money or listening to your favorite music. So that's an explanation and the ice creams are the best, nothing against ice creams.


3) Why do they have to discuss their sex life with their girlfriends?

Well, it is quite a mystery to why they discuss their sex life with their girlfriends, but if you come to think about it the reasons come out to be quite simple, it's just that male egos are as weak as a sheet of ice and they can't take criticism on their sexual performance (it is very natural to discuss as it only helps make sex more pleasurable) but for some reason, the inflated male egos can't take it so they are only left with their girlfriends to discuss this stuff.


4) Why would they act colder if they are attracted to you?

Girls are usually aware of the fact that a guy is really into her and if she shows too much interest in him, he will not pamper her, so to play it safe, she tend to act a little cold. Thus another mystery busted for you. (Although, we don't turn out to be too cold because we know he may go away by our fake attitude, so, we know how to make things balance.)


5) Why can't they just tell us what the problem is?

Well, it is frustrating at some points, but if you think about it, it's because men can be quite naive at times and expressing the problem and a man just brushing it away like it's nothing, it only hurts them further because of which they might choose to not speak about the problem at all. (Actually, we want to tell BUT...)


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6) Are they being sarcastically funny or angry?

Sometimes it's so confusing to understand their sarcasm, sometimes it's just harmless fun and sometimes it's them being angry, well, we just have to accept that they talk in sarcasm and that we should not laugh before they do to understand what the sarcasm really is about.


7) How do they ever find anything in their purses?

This is a legitimate mystery, you will find a pin in a pool but not a key in a women's purse, but then they are also the master of finding things from the bag of mystery at once, they carry essentials for basically everyone around them in that little purse of theirs and as long as they can find it we shouldn't worry about it much.


8) How do they manage their perfect winged eyeliner?

They can manage perfect winged eyeliners because they're artists that precision with basically one eye closed is nothing but pure work of art and you cannot understand or try to define art.


9) Why are they allowed to have celebrity crushes while it's literally considered cheating if guys do.

Well, what do we say on this, they just love you a little too much, understand and cherish that while you can.



10) A million selfies to click but none to post.

Selfies are anyway a risky game to involve yourself into and once you click so many and you go through them, after a point of staring into even a good picture it starts looking weird the same way a word starts sounding weird if you repeat it too much, this is how you understand this dilemma.


So, dear male friends out there, you're just confusing all the simple stuff to be complex because society has been telling you that it's difficult to understand women, it's really not, just stick your head out of the world's "OLD SAYINGS."


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