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These Are Some Embarrassing Little Things Girls Do When They Are Alone

Date: 2019-02-17 19:07:58

By TabloidXO Writers

Solitude is bliss, that's a known fact. We all need a break from socializing and talking once in a while. We all like to curl up into a ball and just eat a tub of ice cream, just so we can recharge ourselves. Introverts experience it in a much more severe manner than the extroverts. The compelling need for a little 'me time' and self-care when we are set alone. Here are some embarrassing little things girls do when they are alone-

1. Karaoke-

EVERYONE JAMS TO MUSIC. It should be declared as a scientific fact by now. We just need to find the right music. Some of us go crazy on 90's songs of Govinda while some like the classic item songs like 'Beedi Jalaile' or 'Kajrare'. Some like to twirl to loud Punjabi catchy music while others might like shouting out the words to Ghazals of Noor Jahan while grabbing the nearest object as your microphone. It is just about losing oneself to the best.


2. Beauty Regime-

When alone, we stare at the mirror for an absurdly long time. It begins with looking at yourself and questioning every life decision and ends with doing a long creepy beauty regime which usually involves putting everything we own on our face, starting with lipstick and kajal and ending with aloe vera and what not. Sometimes hair and nails are included too. What a bliss.


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3. Stalk routine-

It's just genuine curiosity that gets the best of you. Getting to know that cute guy who caught your eye at the last party you attended. You go deep into Facebook and Instagram repeating the mantra of not to accidentally like any picture when you are 128 weeks deep in his profile. In desperate times even Google and LinkedIn have satisfied your stalker cravings.


4. Weird Selfies-

Snapchat filters, snacks, your face and some alone time. Everyone has a weird selfie or boomerang of them in their phone, be it while trying out a filter or you just making a gross expression. All of us have tried that dog selfie, true FACT. No more point denying it anymore.


5. Cleaning, with the song in the background-

Every one of us wants to bring out the strong, independent woman who waters her plant daily and has her shit together and so we think of cleaning our rooms and making it habitable. You know a healthy lifestyle, and all that. But ultimately, it just becomes another dance routine with the music playing in the background and you pretend that you are in the new music video. Don't worry, we are all in the same boat.


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6. Social media flex-

Though we are alone and want to be so, we constantly keep our friends updated with whatever we are doing. Ironic, but true. Weird flex but ok.


7. Wardrobe Fashion Show-

Forgetting the original plan of cleaning, you usually end up making a bigger mess because you go ahead and try on every cloth you own. Your bed being your own little runaway and of course, the music in the background continues.


8. Self-talk-

You practically think of every conversation that you have ever had and which point you should have said that would have made you win the argument. Basically, you pile in the regret of not having spontaneous coherent thoughts, that was one reason why you never participated in debating but it was also because you didn't like the teacher who was selecting the students for the inter-school competition, the teacher was always biased towards your childhood frenemy, you wonder what that frenemy is doing now and that starts another stalker routine.



9. Quizzes-

We all have done weird quizzes like to make your ideal outfit to see what kind is your ideal breakfast or something equally stupid. We love them. It is indeed very important to know what kind of pizza you are (Soon, TabloidXO is making quizzes for you all. #SelfPromotion).


10. YouTube videos WHERE DOES ALL THE DATA GO? It goes here.

Every time when you innocently click on a video with 720 pixel quality saying this is the only video you will watch and you get caught in the black hole of the various videos starting from makeup tutorial and ending with giraffes fighting to dubstep music or cat videos.


Alone time is indeed the best time. We never really get enough of it, do we?


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