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10 Things A Chubby Girl Should Be Proud Of.

Date: 2020-10-23 17:09:55

By TabloidXO

It is simply sad how people are classified into categories, fat, tall, thin, short, etc. It does not just have to do with girls but with everybody in general. Why should your own trait be the one that sums you up and people remember you for that only?

"Hey, do you know Alia?", "Alia, who?", "Alia that chubby girl?"

Well, guess what Alia could also be a painter, a singer, a dancer, a real nice human, kind towards animals, academic scorer, no, but you just want someone to be remembered for being chubby girl, don't you? While people discuss the advantages or disadvantages of a chubby girl, let us tell you, there are many reasons why you should be proud of.

Guess what, here we got 10 reasons for all chubby girls to flaunt your confidence:

1. Life.

Life is incredible, as it should be. If people bully you by categorizing you and treat you unfairly and you have lived so good till now, well, girl you do you! Be proud!

2. You live.

Talk about basic generic facts, life is difficult for everybody. Some days are good and some days are bad, really-really bad and we do not understand why some days are as such, but we do find our way around life now, don't we? Here is to surviving days we thought we could not.

fat quotes

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3. You Breath.

First of all the pollution is really bad, second, you are amazing. Why should you be proud of being chubby? What's that? An achievement or a trait? You are more than that and you do not need anybody to categorize you. It is a free world and we all live free. Your life must be difficult for other reasons, do not let sorting affect you amid all that.

4. You eat.

Again, as you breathe, you eat without caring for a dime every time you bite into a cheeseburger. Probably people might look at you like one day you will start looking like a burger, but do you care? Of course, who would not want to be a cheeseburger? They are delicious.

chubby girl

5. You Work.

Life involves working. "Zindagi mein aaye ho toh kaam karna padhega (now you are born, you have to work hard in life)" which is only correct. Every decent individual does that and why should they not? We all need to find a way to survive.


6. You succeed.

There are days when you are optimistic about your body and do not let any sickening thoughts get to you. You work on your body positivity every day, remind yourself that you are more than your waistline. Your waistline is a double-digit that means nothing. Why should it be given any importance at all?

chubby girl

7. You fail, but pass the next day.

But there are days when something gets to you, despite your best efforts on some days you cannot stop negativity get to you. But you wake up the next day and fight it all the same!

8. You Enjoy.

Amid all the negativity and the yearning to make things better, you enjoy the things that come in life. Yes, to strawberry shake, yes to green tea. Yes to yoga and to pizza too!

chubby girl

9. You are loved.

People can find any reason to hate on you and they pick this one up? Well, too bad. You have a lot of people there to love you.

10. You are as normal as everybody else, why the distinction?

All this we said just went on to prove that a chubby girl's life is the same as every other person's, which only makes categorization look like a moot point. If we all are living and doing the same thing, how is appearance making any difference at all?

chubby girl

People make "heavy/chubby/plumpy"your identity, but here my friend don't forget you have a beautiful soul, don't let people's shaming discourage you.

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